Ken Cooper: The ULTIMATE Guru

Here’s what happens when you’re able to tap into a huge nerve of your prospects, and develop a devoted and compliant following.

Back in 1968, Dr. Kenneth Cooper wrote a book called Aerobics, that would forever change the lifestyle — and life-span — of the population of the world. (Think for a moment, how many other people can make a claim like this? There ain’t many of ‘em.)

After this, he created the Cooper Clinic in Dallas, and for nearly 40 years, he’s been studying health and prolonging the lives of people who come to him for preventive and curative treatment.

Now Cooper’s taking things to the next level, for the masses who’ve lived the “Cooper Lifestyle” for years, and who want even more of it. He’s developing a $2 Billion Dollar residential “wellness community” just north of his famous clinic for these folks to start living in. (Hint: For whatever it’s worth, if this goes south, I DO smell Jim Jones here.)

There will be 800 private homes in this community and even though none of them are completed yet, there are over 200 interested buyers for these residences, which will cost between $400K and $2 Million dollars once they are available for sale.

Here are just a handful of the amenities you get for your monthly residential fees that you’ll pay to live at Cooper Life, which are $1,041 for individuals and $2,181 for families: You get annual physicals and 6-month follow-ups… home doctor visits… concierge services… exterior home maintenance… membership to their 10,000 square foot fitness center… lectures on health and wellness… and social activities (races and other fitness games, I’d assume).

Cooper, who’s no dummy when it comes to business either, understands that many of the residents of this community will be affluent baby boomers. After all, they can afford to live longer, and they practice living healthy, so why shouldn’t they enjoy a better life together with other like-minded individuals who feel the same way? (There’s another lesson in there for astute marketers.)

Now here’s the question you need to ask yourself: What is it you can do for your most zealous customers to expand the services you’re providing… further entrench yourself into their lives (I’d say living next door is pretty entrenched, no?)… and increase the frequency of the services you’re offering?

Think about it, and when you figure it out, let me know what you came up with.

Now go sell something, Craig

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