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How To Double Your Cash-Flow And Cut Your Money-Making Time And Effort… At LEAST In Half

“In times like this, it really doesn’t matter how “hard”
you’re working — because you make BIG money
by working smarter, NOT… working harder.”

From: Craig Garber
Lutz, Florida
Tuesday morning, 11:20 a.m.

Dear Friend,

Some people walk across the finish line… other people scramble across it. In business though, if you’re not consistently exploding across the finish line, you’re simply not making the kind of progress you need, to make the kind of money you’re capable of.

Here, let me give you an example of what I mean. I started writing copy for my own business in 2000. In 2003, after working directly with the late Gary Halbert for 6 months, I began writing freelance copy for others. Today, you need to invest $60,000 dollars (plus royalties) to hire me to create a complete sales package from concept to print.

And because writing for myself is a lot more profitable, I rarely take on clients.

Now that’s progress, isn’t it?

On top of this, my offline newsletter, Seductive Selling, is now read in 14 countries world-wide, and my new book, “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers!” has now dramatically increased my reach.

Meanwhile, most copywriters and marketing consultants who’ve been at it — in some cases, 20 years longer than I have — are barely eeking out a living, or are hacking away living week-to-week, thrilled to get a $2,500 check for some kind of “writing assignment” or something like that.

How did all this happen so quickly?

Why was I able to accomplish more in a few short years, than most people ever achieve in a lifetime? And even more important, how can you do the same thing in your business, starting today — right now?

A few people have found the answer, and this secret is getting out.

You see, the entrepreneurs in my Mastermind Group are regularly collecting 3 to 5 TIMES what their competitors charge.  They’re making major inroads into a variety of industries, in the blink of an eye.  Here, listen for yourself.   Each of these people has been, or is currently, part of this group. Listen closely to their stories:

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Cris Chico – Hollywood, Florida


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Mike Young – Dallas, TX


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DC Fawcett- Apollo Beach, FL


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Ron Reich – Claremont, CA


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Roger Costner – Charlotte, North Carolina


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Troy White – Calgary Canada


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Dustin Mathews


At the core of my members’ success, is the “Mastermind” principle. Embrace this and you begin experiencing formerly unimagined growth.  And here’s why: Napoleon Hill, when he was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie to study what made successful people successful, scoured the world interviewing 504 of the wealthiest people of that time. Ultimately, as I’m sure you already know, the conclusions of Hill’s findings turned into “Think And Grow Rich,” the book more millionaires say has had the greatest influence on their life, than any other. That’s why this book is consistently ranked as one of the top-sellers on (right now it’s at #336), in spite of the fact it was published… in 1937!

Because what Hill discovered… was like magic. You see, Hill discovered…

The universal hands-down “secret” to achieving MASSIVE success… is your active membership in a Mastermind Group!

And it’s true! As far as my own experience with a mastermind group, let me share the following with you: Early on, my income DOUBLED when I first got involved in a mastermind group… it doubled again the following year… and then it doubled again the year after that!

I can’t explain this to you any other way than by saying there are intangible but well-documented powers you get from being in a Mastermind group. First, there’s the economic power you get by surrounding yourself with the advice, counsel and personal encouragement of a group of successful go-getters supporting your efforts.

Second, there’s an “energy” component of the Mastermind group, that’s kind of hard to put into words, even though its collective effect is easy to measure. Basically, what happens is… when like-minded people — people interested in winning in busiess and in life — come together… a greater mind is created which is made up of the “connection,” the thoughts, and the enthusiasm of the collective minds supporting it. This connection drives you far beyond your present income, cash-flow, and lifestyle levels.

And just to give you a frame of reference…

Great Businessmen Aren’t 50 Times Smarter Than You — They Just Know The Wealth Formula

At a basic minimum, we’ll be covering:

  • What’s working and what’s not working in your business?  You’d be amazed how many people haven’t really taken a good look at these issues, and analyzed them.  Most of the time, there are hidden reasons why these things are going on — and… hidden dollars as well.  I’ll show you where those dollars are hiding.
  • Who do you sell to and why do they buy?  This is where I typically find your biggest untapped centers of profit and massive cash-flow.
  • How do your customers buy and what are your biggest profit margins?  One of the most exciting experiences you can have is expanding your profit-margins and increasing the number of ways you can sell to your customers.
  • What are you happy with and what would you like to change?  Most people don’t realize how much control they really have over their business, and over their customers.
  • Where do you want to go, how much money do you want to make, and how soon do you want to make it?  What is your “dream” job, and how can we get there faster and more effectively?  And when I say “dream,” I don’t mean “pipe-dream” as in, “Making a million dollars by Thursday,” or… “Having two dozen naked Playmates running around my office by Friday afternoon at 5.”  I mean things that are a lot more practical and goal-oriented, as in, “What was your original vision for doing what you’re doing, in the first place?”
  • How much is an average customer worth to you and how can we increase that amount?  Getting maximum money out of customers is what I do best.
  • Where do your customers come from and how can we increase both the quality and the quantity of these leads?  An effective lead generation program is like the eighth wonder of the world when it’s working.  And as a lead generation specialist, I’ve had incredible successes in this area – even in industries that are highly competitive.
How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers!

As we’re going through these questions… I’m identifying all the opportunities you’re currently missing out on, and all the money you’re losing.  I’m combing through all my personal and client experiences and I’m honing in on, as the title of my book says… “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers.”  And I will let you in on each one of these opportunities, during meetings and in our individual sessions.

In fact, once we’ve identified what your biggest sources of anxiety and frustration are… I’ll reveal LOADS of very specific ways you can alleviate them.

In many cases any pain you’re currently experiencing is immediately relieved, right there and then. You wind up with multiple strategies that make your business (and your cash-flow) STRONGER, HEALTHIER, and MUCH MORE predictable.  Not just for today, but forever.

And I am extremely specific in my recommendations to you, so you won’t have any uncertainty about how to make things happen, or where to start.  Often, I can even prepare you for some of the different outcomes you can expect.  For instance, at a recent Mastermind Group meeting we had…

Here are just a few of the member’s issues we covered:

Member “CC”: Niche Industry Information Publishing Expert

  • How to create a monthly coaching program. The strategies I gave “CC” were so straight-forward… that on his way home, he phoned his prospective coaches (so he didn’t have to do any of the coaching himself) and by the following Monday, the first e-mails were sent out promoting his new program.
  • How to position yourself so your coaching program has a HUGE differential. This one’s taken right from my book, “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers.”  I simply applied this strategy to CC’s particular situation.
  • How to create a powerful front-end funnel, that attracts highly qualified customers. In this situation, we talked about the three P’s: pricing, products, and positioning.
  • How to start charging a LOT more money for your products. This is one of my specialties, but if you’re reading this message… then you probably already know that.
  • How to sell your back-end products more systematically. Having a back-end business is great — I’ve made well over $1.5 Million Dollars with mine.  But… it’s only great if you know how to market it effectively, and if you actually know how to get your back-end products and services sold.
  • Where to find quality prospects offline, and how to get them into your funnel. Offline leads are, in many cases, more qualified leads — as long as you’re using the right kinds of media (and the right offers) to generate the lead, that is.
  • How to drive offline prospects online — seamlessly and systematically. I have created a very specific way of doing this, and of tracking your results.  I am using this right now in my own business and it is very effective.

Member “BP”: SEO Expert, Also Brings Offline Businesses Online

Here are a few of the issues “BP” had, which we went through:

  • How to create the RIGHT kind of two-step lead generation process, that attracts qualfied customers, only.  There are lots of things you can offer in your “Free Report,” but if you’re not making the right offer, you’ll attract loads of unqualified people, who ultimately wind up doing nothing but wasting your time and money.
  • How to position yourself as being totally different, even amongst an endless sea of competitors. If you don’t make yourself different, you’re not answering the most important question your buyers have, which is, “Why should I do business with you?”
  • How to charge a LOT more money for your goods and services. And how to position and set up a “minimum time commitment” continuity program that does this for you.
  • How to get out of having to deal with clients altogether and how to instead, start publishing information products that make you money 24/7.   Some of the many issues we went through here, included:  What product to publish first… what kind of “components” to include in it (Printed material?  CDs?  DVDs?  Workbook?  Certificates?)… how to make this product… and, how much to charge for it.   Along with, how to use it as a front-end product to make even more money from high-priced upsells and back-end sales, later on.
  • How to prevent clients from having their way with you! And… how to instead set up healthy boundaries that are completely respected by your clients, right from the very beginning.  After all, it’s your business, why should anyone else be telling you how to run it?

Member “DF”: Niche Industry Information Publishing Expert

Having just come off a multiple 7-figure month, there was a lot of excitement over “DF’s” business. For example:

  • How to introduce a completely new product to DF’s very active list.   And for the first time, this product was one he is private labeling, from someone else.
  • What to look for (and maybe even more important — what to look out for!) when working with a partner. Remember… you never get hit by the bus you saw coming!
  • How to create a “perpetual launch” you can put your prospects through (and profit from), forever.  Getting the right sequencing down here, isn’t easy.  And there is also one critical element you must take into consideration, or else ANY planning you have done here, is completely ruined.
  • We also reviewed the results of an offline campaign DF just finished. I encouraged him to test this to a few new mailing lists I suggested, and I made some comments about how to improve his copy. Oh, and by the way, the largest of all his campaigns generated a 17.2% lead generation response, using copy I worked on with him, at our last meeting.
  • I also helped him create a survey to his list that would serve two purposes: One, to launch his new product using subtle emotional buying triggers, and two… developing survey questions that will ultimately help him create a much more effective sales letter.

Member “RC”: Owns Largest Regional HVAC
And Plumbing Company In The Southeast

“RC” has tremendous enthusiasm for his business and he also has tons of opportunities in front of him.   Here are a few of the things we covered:

  • How to create a two-step lead generation system without using a free report. Due to the high cost of leads in this particular situation, we came up with a unique way of driving leads online for a very low cost.
  • How to use guarantees to create an instant differential separating his company from any of his competitors.   And, how to come up with multiple guarantees NONE of his competitors are using, that are incredibly attractive to his particular prospects.
  • How to qualify his leads using a short sub-headline, so no one wastes his time unless they can afford to pay for his higher-priced services. If you’re concerned about maximizing your time, then the last thing you want to do is deal with unqualified prospects, right?

  • How to sell his continuity program and improve collections dramatically, and… how to create a HUGE pain of “disconnect” to his customers, if they decide to leave prematurely.
  • I also spent a good chunk of time working with him on the copy for his continuity plan. We covered his offers… headlines… the name of the program itself… how to present the value of the plan… and, how to present the offer to his customers, amongst numerous other things. He currently has over 2,000 people in this program, and I’d say, conservatively… he will boost this amount by 25 – 35% between now and the end of the year, if he implements my suggestions.

Member “TW”: Local Small Business Marketing Consultant

  • Frankly, there were a number of issues that we covered. Some of them simply involved getting this business focused on the ONE thing that was going to create ongoing and consistent revenue from one marketplace, and eliminating other less-important (and ultimately, far less productive) sources of revenue.   Sometimes people come to me just to help them stay “on track” and moving forward in the right direction. They want to avoid getting lost or distracted by the “next flashy thing.”
  • I showed TW two words he consistently uses in his marketing, that are, unfortunately, clogging up his list with LOADS of free-loading people who will never buy anything from him — or from anyone else he does a JV with.
  • How to create a more streamlined (and far more effective) front-end “funnel.”
  • How to “niche” his business. This is, by far, THE fastest way to penetrate a marketplace, get instant credibility and positioning opportunities, and… it’s also the easiest way to consistently charge (and collect) top dollar. I have done this myself, twice — and both time experienced HUGE results.  Once, collecting $60,000 within a couple of months… and in another niche, collecting $98,000 — with over $80,000 in commitments secured within three weeks of meeting the prospects!  (Meaning, three weeks earlier, these people didn’t even know who I was – they’d never heard of me before this.)
  • How to find JV partners and where to find good referral sources for his target markets.

Member “RR”: Niche Industry Information Publishing Expert

  • “RR” is getting ready to run his first full-page ad in a national magazine. In my review of his copy, I pointed out the following: a headline weakness 99.9% of all marketers would overlook… lack of consistency in his offer… a critical 3rd party weakness that completely sabotages even the best lead generating sales copy sent to the most rabid list… and a P.S. that sells products instead of compelling his buyers to take the free report.
  • How to structure ongoing continuity without losing long-term persistency of his program’s members.
  • How to easily offer a LOT more value in his high priced coaching program, which will therefore generate a much higher response.
  • How to save a TON of money on advertising and how to manage your advertising budget a LOT more efficiently and effectively. This has NOTHING to do with remnant ad space or anything like that. It is something almost NO ONE does, yet it produces tremendous results.
  • And… how to avoid getting caught up in the “this guy’s making so much money and it really bothers me because I’m not doing as well” drama, that unnecessarily wears so many people down. I have a three-word fix for this that always works.

General Copywriting Tips For Everyone

I also taught a quick lesson in writing effective copy, about how to be a “Master Of The Anonymous.” Meaning, how to “sell without selling,” and without being so overt about what you’re doing.  I am, perhaps, better at doing this than any other copywriter alive today, and I had no problem sharing some of the strategies I use to do this.

I also showed the creative history of a successful full-page space ad I am running, from “first draft” to final copy, as well as another revision in the middle.   Don’t you think knowing why I omit certain words and why I leave other words in, would help you write stronger, and more compelling sales copy in your own ads?

Little-Known Tweaks That Make HUGE Differences In Response

I also shared the following three pieces of information with my members:

  • How one tweak I made changed the response rate on one of my offers from 1 in 25 (4%) to 1 in 8 – 10 (10 – 12.5%). Yes, one subtle change I made has come close to tripling my response. And because of the nature of this offer, the cash-flow is literally “free money” I’d otherwise never have.
  • Another very slight change I made has increased orders on another offer from 1 in 50 (2%) to 1 in 20 – 25 (4 – 5%). And doubling order rates on a $797 product — I bet you’d like to find out how to do this, immediately.  Right?
  • Lastly, a “quickie” formula for a press release I wrote, has been viewed over 6,100 times in the last 45 days alone. I shared it with the group and showed them how to easily adapt this template to their own particular businesses.

Five Steps To Creating A “Real” Business

We also covered a check-list of steps your should be taking, to create a real “business,” instead of having what most people have: a few ways of “selling stuff” to pay your bills. I’ll share some of these steps with you, so you can get a “sense” of what I’m talking about:

  1. Creating a more stable, and more predictable front-end lead generating system.
  2. Enhancing your back-end and making the funnel your customers flow through, more systematic.

  3. Creating multiple points of entry (tested for control purposes), both online and offline, that capture pre-qualified leads who are able to pay for your services.
  4. Find media that gives you access to qualified front-end leads. (This is FAR more important than almost anything else you can do, and yet, virtually no one spends any time at all thinking about this.)
  5. Refine your sales copy and make ongoing “tweaks” to your marketing and ongoing offers.

See, these are the things that really matter when it comes to your business. Not, whether you use a webinar or a telesminar to sell.   And not whether you use Verdana or Arial as your headline font, or if your paper is blue or aquamarine.

Yet, for some reason, most people focus on the fonts instead of the fundamentals.  Which is why most people don’t have “businesses.”  Instead they have extremely unpredictable cash-flow — if they have any at all.

Are you starting to see how this process works and how these things come together?

Good, because these are the kinds of issues we’ll be working on for you, if you qualify to become a member of this group.  You’ll also wind up getting loads of other new ideas to implement and profit from, from listening to the fixes, ideas, and strategies I give the other participatants at your session.

Look, I’ve been at this for a long time — since March of 2000, to be exact. And in that time, I’ve worked with over 263 clients in more than 87 different industries.  Add to this, that I’ve been in sales since 1989, and the truth is, there really aren’t many things I haven’t come across and done for myself, not to mention… all the clients I’ve dealt with.

Here are a few more comments from current and former members:

“Couple that with access to all of your brilliance is lethal combination.”

A few days after our last meeting, I received this e-mail from Ron Reich out of Claremont, California:

“I just want to say THANK YOU for such a great meeting.

I’ve been to quite a few mastermind meetings in the past, but this meeting was the best one I’ve ever been to. I feel really good about my upcoming XXX (hidden on purpose) launch as well as this new XXX business I’m starting.

You really put together a great group of guys. I mean, all things considered I’m a pretty smart and successful guy, but being around so many superstars is really forcing me to take my game to the next level.

I know that being around people more successful than you is one of if not, the #1 benefit of being in a high-level mastermind group and I’m feeling that benefit is SPADES in your group. Couple that with access to all of your brilliance is lethal combination. Thanks again, Ron”


“I got so much out of the meeting, the most important was to have more confidence in what I have achieved and what I’m actually capable of achieving.”

This text will be replaced
“Matthew Jones – Queensland, Australiad”

“I have to say, this meeting was something that I really needed for myself, not so much for the business. I’ve come back feeling refreshed, excited and looking forward to putting into place a few goals that I made on the flight back home. But the goals are more about me and not the business.  I realised that I should be putting goals into place for myself and get the business goals to fit around my personal life.

The business has been ruling my life, it’s now going to be the other way around – and I believe that this line of thinking is what I need to get over my fears of money/success etc that we spoke about the other day. Because all of the goals had been built around the business, I often just didn’t put the effort in because the end result would only mean more work – there was nothing in it for me personally and while I had always been just comfortable with average amounts of money coming in – my line of thinking was – “Why should I complete this task for the business instead of for myself?”

A few interesting comments are coming back about my new hourly rate of $500 (which I implemented after you bumped up my rate from $190 at the last Mastermind Meeting). Those customers that have known me for quite a while, say ‘Wow’….. then there is a slight pause and they then say…. “You Deserve it”… It’s been said a few times now. Plus, prior to the increase I would never tell anyone my hourly rate, I would just give them a fixed quote to do the job – thinking the $190 per hour would scare them off. I still give them a fixed quote, however I also tell them now that I’m the most expensive in the country at $500 – at least 5 times more then my competitors – and guess what? It doesn’t scare them off! In fact I’m getting a lot more highly priced customised reports. I’ve got a whole heap of reports to do – some of them bringing me in $2,500 for a few hours work. Along with the phrase ‘The MYOB Reporting King’ and the huge hourly rate, I’m now being considered the absolute guru and its placing me a mile above of the competition.

PS – I got so much out of the meeting, the most important was to have more confidence in what I have achieved and what I’m actually capable of achieving. As I was telling my story of how the business evolved I got a sense of, wow – I really have achieved quite a bit and the potential for my niche is going to be amazing. I have put another staff member on this morning – so that means I now have 2 part time people – with at least one of them here every day of the week. That should take the pressure off me answering phone calls and emails.”  Matthew Jones – Queensland, Australia


“…something bugged me.  With all my talent, why wasn’t I making more, doing more, enjoying it more?”

Jeff Pettitt, from Kent, England says, “STOP thinking about it… have the BALLS… do it.”

“Craig make no mistake before I started working with you I’d been pretty successful at everything I’d turned my hand to. If you call success refereeing in the top soccer leagues in England, coaching professional golfers to successes not seen since Arnold Palmer was a youngster, or watching a daughter graduate from university with a “two-one” honours degree. Deep inside though, something bugged me: with all my talent, why wasn’t I making more, doing more, enjoying it more? I’ve been searching for the part of the jigsaw puzzle that made the rest of the picture make sense.

Bronx Boy you’ve got me back down the gym every day. You’ve got me chasing the dream again and loving every minute of every day.   Look brother, triple your fees because I don’t want too many other people to find you!

What you changed in me is my attitude about me and boy is it working. My Friday meeting with the FA was re-scheduled to today. I met with the head cheese and POSITIONED my whole pitch so differently to how I would have done 3 months ago before I started working with you – even down to XXX (confidential info).

He bit the whole thing — hook, line and sinker. Now my friend you earn your corn – keep cajoling me until my newsletter hits the stand. Thanks”

Jeff Pettitt – Kent, England (Jeff is a former elite professional soccer referee in the UK and now owns the largest referee supply company in England, representing over 50% of marketplace sales.)


“Not only did I learn a lot about marketing, I also learned a lot about running a succesful business.”

“Anne, This has really bothered me since I left Florida. I need to do a better testimonial for Craig than the video I made. So here is a written one for know. And I will record another one for him in April:

Craig, I have been to several seminars and coaching programs over the years, but yours far surpasses all of them. Most seminars overload you with information and then they lead you in some kind of cheering. And you are all pumped up to go make some money. And as soon as you get home, you are so overwhelmed, you don’t know where to begin.

That’s what was so great about your Mastermind Group. Not only did I learn a lot about marketing, I also learned a lot about running a succesful business. Each member was able to critique my business and help steer me back on track. I also learned a lot from other peoples business challenges. This has really opened my eyes on how to truly run a succesful business. And by the time I left the meeting, not only did I have my business going in the right direction, I also had an action plan to follow through. I truly feel that this first meeting will allow me to more than triple my income this year. And the best part is, I get to come back for three more meetings this year. So if you have anyone who is sitting on the fence about joining your program, feel free to give them my phone number and I will gladly talk to them. I only wish I had met you sooner. I can’t wait to see what I will have accomplished before the next meeting.  Thanks for all your help,”  Tom Keill – Lehighton, PA


“I charged 5 times the amount I had originally planned on charging for my coaching program (prior to meeting and consulting with you).”

“Hey Craig, I thought you would dig this… there were no previous sales here… just straight to the $20,000 coaching program.

Truth is, I used your technique’s taught in your Seductive Selling System. Empathy, scarcity, pride…just to name a few.  More importantly, I charged 5 times the amount I had originally planned on charging for my coaching program (prior to meeting and consulting with you).

Your copy is cool, really cool but even cooler (at least to me) is your business mind set and street smarts… In the short three months since starting your Maverick mentoring coaching program, I have completely revamped our positioning, redefined our USP, increased our prices (and profits) across the boards and of course, learned a ton about copy writing… which by the way, I absolutely have no interest in doing myself!

Great for me to know about as it relates to our verbal selling as much as it does written copy, but Ill leave the writing to you.  I can account for $60,000 in additional income in 12 short weeks NOT including the additional rate of response we have received from all our marketing. The day I called and signed on with you goes down as a one of those few “bring you to the next level” events that one may experience in a business life time.  Life is good! 

P.S. I can’t stand the whole idea of writing copy, BUT I feel extremely fortunate (not to mention how profitable it has been) to have met you and to have gotten involved with you.)

Cheers, Patrick H Precourt – Rocky Hill, CT – (Patrick was recently written up on the front page of The Hartford Courant in a 2-page article on his firm’s success.)


Dustin Mathews – Tampa, Florida


“You really want to make a difference in your business and your life? I can’t think of anyone better to get you there. Do it NOW, invest in yourself.”

“I’ve been involved in direct marketing for a while now. One of the things that is the most difficult, is to navigate all the hype and find people that really deliver. And even more important, to combine that with someone who will give you “face time” access other than fax machines and the occasional email, and most of all, someone that actually gives a damn if you succeed.

I finally found one of those rare individuals in the direct marketing community in Craig Garber, and I am excited to be the first person to POUNCE on the opportunity to have him as my mentor.

I’m currently in both a coaching program and a mentoring program with very well known direct marketers who are recognized as top copy writers and marketing geniuses, and while I have learned a lot from them, I realize, what I gain with Craig’s personal attention is light-years beyond anything I would gain from these other programs.

This more than just picking his brains to improve my copywriting (although you can bet I will), this is about learning the nitty-gritty of what really works and what doesn’t, this is about joining him in the top tier of the direct marketing world, and creating the kind of business and lifestyle that 99% of people only dream about.

No mistake here, this will involve work combined with desire, a solid plan, and the right mindset. And I know I can count on Craig to keep me moving forward and minimize my mistakes, as well as helping me shortcut the learning process in a huge way. I had a one day mastermind meeting with Craig in March, and I have seen firsthand what he has created in his business and life. I also got an amazing amount out of that one day, and can only begin to imagine what a year with him would be like.

He is fully in control of his time, his income, and how he chooses to live. The fact that he wants to assist other people to make this happen in their life, says a lot to me about his character and his abundance mindset. He doesn’t hold back his ‘secrets’, and instead shares them freely.

You really want to make a difference in your business and your life?   I can’t think of anyone better to get you there. Do it NOW, invest in yourself. You’ll be glad you did.”  Craig Eubanks – San Francisco, CA

There are also THREE OTHER BIG REASONS why this group is so effective:

  1. Frankly, seeing in-person that these other successful members are no different from you… has a VERY profound impact on your conscious and sub-conscious mind, which leads directly to your own financial growth. Seeing there’s no “magic” involved, lets you make the mental leap you need to transform life-long dreams into reality.   Seeing others who are, candidly, no more qualified and no more skilled than you are, performing at an extraordinarily high level… is eye-opening, and really makes you get your rear end in gear.
  2. Accountability. You’d never know it by looking at me, today… but when I was a kid, I was a chubby little boy.   On a whim, I decided to enroll in the Weight Watchers program to get a handle on my weight problem. I was the only kid there, sitting basically in a room full of what today would be called “soccer moms.” Awkward or not, you’d better believe there wasn’t a snowballs chance in hell I was coming back to any one of those weekly meetings, unless I lost weight!.And in fact, I lost a ton of weight during that period of time.  And the reason why was the “implied accountability” of this group.   And this same thing happens when you’re in this group.  To put it bluntly, there’s no way you’re going to be able to come to an in-person Mastermind meeting if you haven’t done anything since your last meeting… or since your last couple of monthly group phone calls.   Especially when you’re sitting around a room full of DOERS. You will feel far too ashamed to let this happen.

    See, being in a room full of doers has a very curious way of motivating you and getting you totally pumped up, W-A-A-Y beyond belief! You begin seeing yourself in a different light, with all your previous limits and moorings, now permanently removed. As a result of this, you begin re-adjusting your own income “bar,” much higher, many times over.

  3. Lastly, you get “outside looking in” insight unavailable anywhere else! Think about it: how much is it worth to you, to be in a room FILLED with successful entrepreneurs from all over the world and from a wide variety of industries (with me leading the pack)? Each helping and encouraging you, all helping your business grow, using their collective years of wisdom, experience, and intelligence to:
    • Identify your personal and professional blind-spots! Look, I don’t care how smart you are — you simply do NOT know… what you do NOT know!   And nothing gets you to the next level faster than the frank advice and encouragement of others who’ve walked in your same shoes.  This gets you out of any rut you’re in, and moves you forward!
    • Deal with any “left-over” feelings of self-sabotage… negative messages, or bad programming that’s telling you you’re “undeserving” of success, or that may be holding you back.  Rest assured, once you nail this one down, you will wonder, as Hill says, “where the money has been hiding all along!”
    • How to stay FOCUSED and on-task!  Look, many entrepreneurs suffer from “Entrepreneurial A.D.D.,” but unless you learn to get around this, your work load will forever be unmanageable, and your productivity (and your income) will never even come CLOSE to what you’re capable of.   Not only is this a shame, but it’s also something you can prevent, once you see how others in your same situation, are successfully managing their time.
    • Stress Management! Let’s face it, it’s tough handling all the rigors and responsibilities of finances, employees, bills, systems, marketing, operations, merchant accounts, real estate, and so on. And somehow, managing to satisfy each of these commitments PLUS satisfying your family and friends — never mind having a moment or two left-over for yourself!Members in my Mastermind Group have successfully gone through these issues, or are dealing with them right now on an ongoing basis. For example, I will tell you a simple little secret I’ve been using to make SURE my wife and I are always connecting on a consistent basis, in spite of the massive work-load I am consistently under, and the fact that we have three children. (Two of them teenage boys — Yikes!)   Plus…
    • Problem-solving AND problem-sharing! You will be astounded at how many incredibly simple solutions have been developed by others, for what seem to be VERY complicated issues to you. Again, that’s the value of having competent outsiders looking in on you and on your business. And how about this one:
    • Hey… it’s lonely at the top! As you move up the income scale, you’re going to face criticism and envy from others, and that’s not always easy to handle. This group is a “safe harbor” — a place to go where you’re definitely not alone and the things you’re going through are NOT unique to you, but are actually shared by many.
    • Discover how to avoid making VERY costly business and marketing mistakes, and how to completely eliminate unwanted, and anxiety-producing experiences!  Close your eyes and just imagine, for a moment, how much easier your life would be, if you were able to PREVENT and anticipate many of the problems you’ve encountered!Think your business would be easier?  Think your business would experience dramatic growth, faster and more systematically?   Think you’d avoid blowing TENS of thousands of dollars on bad knee-jerk decisions you’ll otherwise definitely be making on your own?   Think your LIFE in general, would be eaiser?

      Of course! And this is just another HUGE benefit of getting involved with a group of fast-trackers like this.

I’ll summarize this program in a moment, but in a nutshell, unlike many groups out there where the “leader” is nothing more than a “point man” who collects the money and offers you personally, absolutely nothing… I work my ass off to help you, and function as a true ‘leader’ in every sense of the word.  You’re no longer just another burned out business-owner, having the same old “ordinary” life everyone else has.

And frankly, modesty aside, this is where the biggest return on your investment lies. The short-cuts, ideas, marketing strategies and copywriting ideas I give you, make your journey much easier and much faster. I’ve been deep in the trenches doing this with unparalleled success since march of 2000, and I have the track record to prove it. (Seriously — show me someone else, who’s made almost $600,000 from a small handful of customers and a list size of less than 5,000 names?)

Yes, but why MY Mastermind Group?

That’s a great question, and it’s one you deserve an answer to.

For starters, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who can communicate as clearly as I can. When I was a CPA, back in the mid-1980’s, someone once made a comment to me about this, on one of the audits we were doing. We were auditing Chesebrough-Ponds, which was, at the time, a publicly traded Fortune 500 Company out of Greenwich, Connecticut. One of the members of my audit team said something like, “Gosh Craig, you’re as comfortable talking to the CFO of this company, as you are talking to the janitor who cleans his office at night.”

At the time, he was wrong — I was definitely more comfortable talking to the janitor, but… the point is, you’re not going to find anyone who’s as specific and deliberate in their communications, and who can dissect and breakdown very complicated topics, into plain and simple English. In fact, my forte is taking complicated problems and solving them using good old-fashioned common sense.  This trait was developed from years of observation growing up as a street kid in New York City. And here are just a few of the many projects I’ve used this formula to succeed with:

ABC's Of Internet Marketing
  • I started a new, niche business with a former client of mine. Before even lifting a finger to develop the marketing systems for the initial clients in this business, I was able to collect $84,000 in revenue, ahead of time! (Oh, and by the way, this was the second time I did this. The first time, in the Pre-Foreclosure area, I collected $45,000 up-front.) What made this particularly spectacular, was that 3 weeks prior to signing up, these clients had never even so much as heard my name before. In the Pre-Foreclosure business, each of the clients involved was an existing (at a minimum) offline newsletter subscriber of mine. For this business, however… I had absolutely NO prior relationship with any of them.

  • I encouraged a client and former Mastermind Member, Brian Deacon, to “dump” his old, non-performing business that was draining the life out of him, and get into one that would leverage his talents and relationships more effectively. I also wrote his first mailer. Result: AN UNHEARD of 42.7% Response on his FIRST mailing, and $152,751 in sales. (And no, you are NOT misreading this.) Oh, and by-the-way, Brian (a former VP of Global Marketing at Microsoft, who worked side by side with Bill Gates) recently told me he expects this new business to bring him in over $3.5 Million Dollars in revenue over the next 12 months. Not bad for a guy who was drowning in debt and ready to abandon his dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur just a few short months ago, is it?

  • A lead-generation piece I wrote for Chet Rowland, pulled a 7.5% response when mailed out to a COLD list, in a completely “unresponsive” marketplace!  In fact, we split-test no less than THREE different versions, and all three came within .7% of each other! And Chet’s in one of the most boring and mundane service businesses around.

  • Mike Miget, a residential mortgage broker in St. Louis, came to me because he needed help!   His business is obviously HIGHLY competitive… he’d been studying direct-marketing for over 10 years… and he’d also worked with a number of “gurus” already, but yet… nothing would make his business budge. Using some VERY sneaky (but 100% legal and ethical) techniques, I created a piece for Mike that increased the number of leads he is now getting by OVER 50%, and… since these new leads are also far better QUALITY leads, his NET PROFITS WENT UP WELL OVER 60%! Mike’s own loan officer coaching program generated in excess of $1 Million Dollars in NET CASH for him, using the strategies and marketing pieces I created, as the bedrock of his program.  

  • I sold $47,745 Dollars of low-priced men’s dating information products in 3 weeks to a VERY small niche list (less than 1,000) online, with NO pre-promotion or pre-sale warm-up, no teleseminar, and no teaser mailings!  Not a bad start for a new business that was just getting off the ground, now is it? Then, for this same business, I created a letter that’s converting 10% of all the customers who purchased the $97 Dollar product, into a $997 System upsell!  Who else is consistently doing things like this?

I also did NOT grow up with a “silver spoon” in my mouth. I had NO entrepreneurial training (my father was a toll collector and my mom opened up new accounts in our local savings bank near the apartment housing projects where I grew up in The Bronx). I’m a bootstrapper who failed and fell flat on my face many times, before actually becoming successful. And I’ve also had my own share of personal and financial crisis’, but… once success finally came my way — boy oh boy, I got everything I deserved, and more!

The truth is, you don’t make progress and gain wisdom (and frankly, learn painful lessons) by “thinking” about things, you make dramatic progress by doing things. Taking action is what I’m all about, and the results of my Mastermind Group members, speaks volumes on this.

“The task of copywriting and video script writing is key to your success for maximizing conversions. I am fortunate to have Craig Garber on my team to critique my copy. Copywriting is the most important skill you should hone as a marketer. I’m in his Mastermind Group and I get to send him critiques of my copy. The amount of money that those critiques made for me during this launch have paid for his mastermind group for the rest of my LIFE.” – D.C. Fawcett – Apollo Beach, FL  (Let’s face it, when’s the last time you’ve heard someone say anything like this?)

Look, the biggest breakthroughs in your business… and in your life, come when you’re finally able to recognize these breakthroughs lie NOT in what you know, but in the answers you do NOT know. Remember, HUGE personal and financial growth doesn’t come without sacrifice, and it certainly doesn’t come for free.   So… here’s the deal:

Here Are Your Mastermind Group Benefits


Sorry, This Group Is Now Closed

Yes Craig, I DO Want To Be As Successful As I’ve Always Dreamed Of Becoming:  Please accept my application right NOW!

Sorry, This Group Is Now Closed

Look, I don’t presume to know what your business is like now, or how this stacks up against the business and the life you want to have. Maybe you already are where you want to be, and if so, congratulations — this program isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for more — more out of your business, and MUCH more out of your life — then the tax-deductible investment you’re making by joining this group, gives you best return you’ve ever had in your life, on any investment you’ve ever made!

And above anything else, the most important reason for joining my program, is my commitment to your success. The number one comment I’ve heard throughout my life, once people meet me, is that I am “real.” No smoke and mirrors here, no megalomainiac egotistical “guru” looking for a pound of flesh and the next dollar he can get out of you.  What you see is what you get.

You will flat-out not find a soul out there, who understands people and persuasion, and who has the combination of street-smarts and intelligence I possess. I’ve had a unique background that’s created this combination, and it’s something you can’t go back and replicate, any more than you can go back and replicate Tiger Woods’ golf swing.

The other thing you should know is that I genuinely believe in the principle of “abundance,” and so I don’t mind giving you a “brain dump” on just about anything you want to know. I have no incentive to hide anything from you or anyone else in my “inner circle.” I have no upsell or back-end motives when I’m dealing with you. My only goal is to help you make as much money as possible, period.

I am dead serious about what I do, and there are enough testimonials all over this web site that if you can’t come to this conclusion on your own, or if I have to “convince” you into believing this, then you and I are probably NOT meant to be — and that’s completely O.K.

If you are uncertain about anything, and if you have legitimate questions, then feel free to call my office at 813-909-2214 to schedule a brief appointment, and I’ll be happy to speak candidly with you.

And by-the-way, legitimate means exactly that. Things like “Can I test your group out for a month or so before joining”… or, “I can’t afford this, can you hook me up or cut me a deal”… are not legitimate questions. (The answer is “No” to both, by-the-way.)

Here’s How To Apply:

To apply for membership in this group, simply click on this link to complete the Mastermind Program Application, and then fax it into my office directly at 954-337-2369.

As of right now, we have three seats still open.  I’ve been in larger groups and it dilutes what each member can get out of the meetings, and frankly, out of their membership in general, so I am capping this group at TEN members, without exception.

Oh, one more thing, and you need to know this: if you are looking for someone to get on the phone with you once a month and tell you how wonderful you’re doing, and give you a verbal hug and some cuddles, then save your money and spend that time on the phone with your mom instead of with me.

See, my job isn’t to tell you how wonderful you’re doing. It’s to challenge you, to continually point you in the right direction… helping you make subtle, yet very critical adjustments in your business. And most important, to give you insight into the things you don’t know and the things you aren’t aware of.

After all, you never get hit by the bus you saw coming, right?

Thank you for reading this and I wish you nothing but the best,

Craig Garber

P.S. Don’t be intimidated if right now, you don’t “feel” like a success yet.  Because I want to let you in on a little secret…

For years I felt inadequate. I kept telling myself, in spite of all the letdowns and frustrations I had to deal with, “You really are a rich man — you just don’t have any money right NOW. But one day this will all change and what the future holds in store for you will be wonderful.”  

And let me tell you that at times, the outlook on this ever coming true, seemed pretty damn bleak.

But this is the attitude it takes to succeed, and this is the attitude that allows you to ultimately flourish in business and in a group like this. Nothing beats having a BURNING desire to succeed, an open mind, and most important, being quick in taking the right action steps. This is my hallmark — taking fast action.   And in fact, this actually saved my wife’s life one time, and it’s saved my ass in business, many times.

Of course you can just choose to do nothing and simply depend on “luck.” But it seems to me, all the people I know who are waiting for “luck” to somehow make things happen, really aren’t very “lucky” at all, are they?

Oh, and one final piece of advice: Don’t worry too much about whether or not you CAN do this. Simply decide whether or not you WANT to do this, and then the money will come. Because if you think you have to invest a lot to become successful, you should see what it’s costing you to be broke.

P.P.S. After you apply, you will be contacted by my office to set up a telephone interview. Appreciate this is a MASTERMIND program, and I have a responsibility to the entire group to optimize everyone’s experience. Things like being more of a taker than a giver, incessant whining about what you can’t do, instead of just doing what you can do, or just being negative, is unacceptable.

And if you think I’m kidding here, think again. A while ago, I threw out three members of this group — almost $60,000 dollars in annual cash-flow to me — because they were whiners who were dragging the whole group down with them. I immediately implemented an application process and established specific membership criteria. The result — new members came in to replace them, and since that time, the quality of members has been drastically improved.

So obey that urge you’re feeling inside and complete the Mastermind Program Application, and I’ll see you here in sunny Tampa!

Yes Craig, I DO Want To Be As Successful As I’ve Always Dreamed Of Becoming:  Please accept my application right NOW!

Sorry, This Group Is Now Closed

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