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A couple of weeks ago my older son and I went to the Gov’t Mule concert here in Tampa.  We saw them five years ago and had a blast, and their recent show was no different.

After the show, we went out back behind the club where the band was playing, to meet with the band members.  Warren Haynes, the lead guitarist, singer, and primary songwriter for Mule, was out back signing autographs and talking with his fans.

Here’s a photo of Warren signing my poster and answering a question I had about one of his guitars:

Warren Haynes and Craig Garber from

Warren Haynes signing my poster – I was asking him about one of his Gibson guitars

Warren Haynes is not only an outstanding songwriter and guitarist, but he’s incredibly successful.  He’s got a tremendous work ethic and plays in two other very well-known bands besides Mule, plus he has a successful career as a solo musician.  In fact, he’s probably the hardest working man in rock and roll, today.

Nevertheless, in spite of having a crazy schedule with huge demands on his time, Warren’s a warm and sincere person.  He actually sits and speaks with anyone who wants to talk with him, and he engages his fans with back and forth dialog.  His heart  is as big as his catalog of songs, and then some.

I thought about how Warren shatters the myth about success that many people incorrectly have.  They mistakenly believe that successful people achieved their success by being rude, or by stepping on others.

And in fact, these were the messages I received when I was younger.  Sadly, buying into them at a young age made it very difficult for me to succeed, early on.  In fact, it caused me to sabotage my success more often than not, because I had all these undeserving feelings going on inside of me at the time.

It wasn’t until I realized a couple of cold, hard facts about my thinking, that I was able to sort of “break free.”  I realized:

One, the people who told me these things, in fact, knew as much about success as I know about the history of the Balkan war.  Lesson learned: if you’re going to listen to someone about something, make sure they have some relevant knowledge and experience about whatever it is they’re talking about.

Uninformed opinions are worthless.  But wisdom, on the other hand… is priceless.

Broke people who don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, can’t advise you about success or money, any more than a man can tell you what it feels like to deliver a baby.

‘Nuff said.

And two, I began seeking out successful people and I started interacting with them, and learning their own personal stories.  And you know what?  Lots of the people I started meeting, didn’t have a story too different from mine!

They all started out in one place, and through incredibly hard work, planning and learning from other smart people… they ultimately got to where they were.

As I say inside “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers,” – “who you were yesterday, has nothing to do with who you are today… or who you’re going to be tomorrow — unless… you choose it to.”

The truth is, most people who are financially successful are just like Warren Haynes — very generous and sincere.  And the real reason “money comes to money” is because people who already have money are generally willing to consistently work a hell of a lot harder for it.

Success (and failure) isn’t some kind of pre-ordained “karma.”  You become a money magnet when you attract lots of qualified leads and provide good value, period.

Money usually follows hard work, clever strategy, and well thought out plans that focus on matching an existing marketplace to an existing product or service.


Of course.

Anyway, being around Warren Haynes got me thinking about all this.  And since last month marked 11 years I’ve been working for myself, I figured timing was right for me to give you a great deal on one of my “personal stories of success” programs, so here’s the scoop:

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And here’s how to take advantage of this offer.

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And in any case, remember that success isn’t something other people achieve because of some kind of “pre-ordained destiny.”  It’s a destiny YOU get to create, once you’re ready to seriously commit to it, and… once you finally believe you deserve it.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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