Interesting story: These are very scary times, aren't they? Here's why…

The country’s a mess.

We’re potentially in the middle of the most dangerous and devastating financial crisis we’ve ever seen before. Some of the largest and most venerable financial institutions on Wall Street have gone under, and many others have Stage 4 Cancer. Which means, in a case like this, it’s not a question of “if”they’re going to collapse, but “when” they’re going to collapse.

Suddenly CEO’s and other top officials are being questioned and held accountable for not only their decision-making, but the outrageous salaries they continue taking, irrespective of the mess they’ve created. The walls are crumbling all around them, but their cash-flow keeps coming in like a faucet that can’t be stopped.

While you and I sit back and get the screws tightened all around us.

And now the government wants us to bail these pirates out, to the tune of $700 Billion dollars. For most people, myself included, this isn’t even a real number, let alone one I can actually picture in my mind.

On the front page of USA Today this morning, the feds are claiming if we don’t bail these companies out, we’re all in deep shit! Last night, W said, “Our entire economy is in danger! Without immediate action by Congress, America could slip into a financial panic… more banks could fail, including some in your community.”

It used to be cash is king, now even the safety and stability of your money-market funds and checking accounts are coming into question. You scrimp and save year after year, and for what?

Are the days of hyper-inflation far away? Is it only a matter of time until we’re all out on the street, homeless and wandering around, wondering what happened?

It’s VERY scary out there.

Look, this isn’t our parents world we’re living in any more. Over the last few years the prices of darn-near everything are spiraling out of control. Years ago, it wasn’t uncommon to be spending 10 to 15% of what you make, on your mortgage payment — but today that wouldn’t even buy you a shack out underneath the highway!

Most people are spending 40 to 50% of what they’re earning on their mortgage, and some folks in high-cost areas are spending 60 to 70% of their paycheck, or even more… just to make their monthly nut!

The price of cars, entertainment, and gasoline has gotten completely out of hand, and yet… your salary hasn’t gone up nearly as much, has it?

And forget about trying to fly somewhere — who can afford the price of an airline ticket nowadays?

A day doesn’t go buy when you don’t hear something in the news about how some poor bastard died because they couldn’t afford health insurance, and yet… insurance companies are setting record profits, year after year!

Why, I ask you? Why?

It used to be, you’d hear about how elderly people are needing to eat dog food just to survive — now you’re hearing about how entire families are starving.

How long can this go on? How will we survive?

And yet, in spite of this, every day a new application arrives in your mailbox, encouraging you to take out even more credit, feeding the big giant monster even more.

Is anyone listening to this?

Is the end near?

Is it fair to bail out these big companies when hundreds of thousands of hard-working small business-owners are shutting their doors, because of the impact all this is having on them?

Sometimes, financial death is as powerful as physical death, and yet… no one has the cure.

These are scary times, aren’t they?


What you’ve just witnessed, is an example of how to use fear and paranoia in your sales copy and marketing, to get people to take action.

Had I wrapped up that conversation with a closing presentation that offered you some kind of a magic blanket to put over your head that would make this all go away and allow you to return to happier and more carefree times… all for $197 dollars (or two EZ-pay debits of only $99 each), I’d be a rich man.

It’s not very easy to use paranoia to sell, but if you can use it, it’s VERY effective.

What you want to do is tie it to the deepest fears your prospects are feeling right NOW, and if you can tie it to a bunch of crap the media is talking about all day long (whether it’s true or not), you get the added benefit of having society support your argument, giving you all the social proof you need.

Fear and paranoia are extremely effective selling tools, but they’re also somewhat dangerous. Where does selling start and social responsibility begin?

I’m not smart enough to figure that one out for you. But like Spiderman once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

So use it wisely.

Damn, I’m good…

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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