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Quick note – my Mastermind Group is here in town today and tomorrow, so I don’t have much time.

However, I want you to know in the June issue of Seductive Selling (this month’s issue), I created what is probably one of the most clever marketing campaigns you will ever see, designed to sell a very high-priced service.

Please pay special attention to this because it’s an example of cutting-edge strategy that MAYBE a small handful of people in the world could come up with, and it shows you how to completely eliminate price resistance by de-commoditizing what you’re selling.

This is one of the most important examples of strategy I’ve come up with in a long time, so pay close attention to it.

I also show you the original abysmal ad and the conventional primitive selling concepts used, along with a completely re-written ad using two-step lead generation and re-vamped strategy. This new strategy allows you to not only eliminate pricing resistance, but it actually creates a completely new business for you.

And this new business is actually positioned to make you an instant market leader and opens the doors for you to sell dozens of additional goods and services to your customers, raking in even more money.

If you are NOT already a newsletter subscriber — rest assured, NOW is the time to become one, and THIS is the issue to get!

So test-drive Seductive Selling, Free at now. Oh, and one more thing…

We have literally close to 100 testimonials on file here in the office for Seductive Selling, many of them posted online. Here’s just one of the many we recently received:

“As a constant addict of information that will help my businesses grow, I was referred by a friend to Craig Garber. I decided to take him up on his free trial newsletter offer and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

As a consistent student of some of the world top marketer’s (and as a direct response marketer myself) I am always keeping my eyes open for the ones that say they deliver value versus the ones that actually do. I have subscribed to numerous marketer’s monthly newsletters. I am still blown way at how insignificant their newsletters are in terms of applicable information in comparison to Seductive Selling.

So much so that I have cancelled many of the others. I am happy to say that Craig is one of the few that certainly over delivers each and every month. His newsletters are packed with practical “no hype ” marketing strategies that make a difference when applied to any business, in any industry.

He offers you hardcore proven strategies — some that remind you to get back to the basics — while some you may have never thought about before. He does this with one outcome in mind: to help you become a better marketer and get you results, fast.

I anxiously wait for Seductive Selling every month. Then I purposely block time to read it uninterrupted. And then I schedule time to implement many of the things I have learned each month because there are so many. Trust me, once you start reading it, you will want to do the same thing too!”

So do what Kendra did and take me on on the New free trial offer at – but only do this if you’re serious about making money and you’re serious about making it fast! (And watch the video to discover more about the 18 free gifts you get.)

Now go sell something, Craig

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