Important: Last Day To Get Your Hands On This – Women's Cramps, Plus A Goofy Video

Tomorrow is the last day to get your hands on this month’s issue of Seductive Selling. Over the last 90 days, our subscriber base has dramatically increased, and we now have readers in 12 different countries. Here’s a comment I received yesterday, about this month’s issue:

“Dear Craig, I recently received the August Issue of the Seductive Selling Newsletter and after a week of reading and taking notes (YOU SEE, this newsletter is so chockful of great business advice, powerful transferable copy and just so much fun to read it takes me a while to read it all) I finally got to my favorite part, “The Back-End.”

As I started reading the article, I realized that that article is exactly what makes you and Seductive Selling powerful. It is the power to feel what your prospect or customer feels, to understand their situation that makes Seductive Selling powerful. It is those feeling that are conveyed on paper that help move the prospect or client down the buying cycle. That tapping into the emotions of your customer and building empathy that makes your system so powerful. So if anyone wants to truly explode their business, if they are interested in creating a money faucet that they can turn on and off as needed, than being a member the Seductive Selling clan is a must.

You have helped grow my business and I know you can help grow anyone’s. Dedicated to your success,” Dwight Miller – Marlton, New Jersey

This month’s issue packs a wallop — here’s just a small sampling of what’s inside:

* Cheerleader Secrets! No, not the title of an adult video, but it is one of the most compelling marketing campaigns I’ve ever seen. It’s one that sucked me right in and included multiple components, including scarcity, competition, creating a common enemy (each prospect!), deadlines, giveaways, and loads of planning, which I reveal the “behind the scenes” parts of. I’ve even included a checklist of what they did, and how you can do the same thing. (They never even mentioned money, until everyone was all hot and bothered – simply brilliant! Truly a classic!)

* Over the last few months I’ve shown you how to use emotional direct-respond marketing in “real life” — to get big dumb insurance companies to change their decision-making process about you, and to get other big companies to offer you a job. This month, I show you how to use it to buy a car, and I give you the actual sales copy of the ad I wrote!

* “An open letter to every woman who suffers from monthly cramps” – Check out these classic ad analysis break-downs which are FAR too risqué for today’s PC culture!

* A “conventional” ad that says one thing: A USP with effective positioning!

* FOUR examples of how to “clone” a successful business model! Find out what works, and… maybe even more important — what’s NOT working at all!

* Four things you MUST do, to collect all the information you need, to write any sales letter you want! These are the exact same steps I take myself.

* Find out when a free offer isn’t a free offer — watch these scoundrels and don’t make the same mistake!

* See how the fat man sings, and… how the fat lady sings even louder!

* In this month’s Little-Known Copywriting Secrets Column, I answer this question in detail, “How do you balance content, education, entertainment, and selling in your communication with your customers and with your list?” This is something I’ve never revealed before!

* In this month’s Weekend Update: A complete legal mess that may have been avoidable — watch out! New legislation marketers need to be aware of… How to “close” in person and on the phone — 8 things to say and NOT to say… Baby boomer research… & Cool Url’s!

* And in my “Final Words From The Back-End” column, I reveal a recent tragedy and how it’s rippled through me. Not for the weak of heart.

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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