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Today is the last day to get your hands on this month’s issue of Seductive Selling. Last month was a record month for us — we added more new subscribers than in any other month since we started publishing, almost 2 and a half years ago, and we now have readers in 12 different countries. This month’s issue packs a wallop — here’s just a small sampling of what’s inside:

* A critical mistake you should NEVER be lured into making, in spite of all the temptation around you. This mistake renders your ads virtually useless, regardless of how good your sales copy and your offer is. The scary thing is, it’s so easy to make this mistake — I’ve even made it myself!

* The Four Stages of the “Sophistication of your marketplace,” as defined by Gene Schwartz in Breakthrough Advertising — and… how to use them in your business NOW!

* The secret of “cottage cheese wrinkles” and when they’ll help you sell!

* The right way… and the wrong way… to use sub-headlines in your ads and sales letters! This one’s much easier than you think, and yet almost everyone gets it wrong. At last, find out why!

* How to create proprietary analogies that show your buyers the exact value of what you’re offering them! If I’m an expert at anything, this is it, and you’ll see why, along with 5 different examples to mirror!

* Discover a display ad I ran that pulled like gangbusters — and yet, oddly enough… you’ll also find out why I’ll never run it again!

* SEVEN ad examples for you to review, including THREE ad re-writes I put together for you!

* How to use the “Bermuda Triangle of emotions” if you’re selling any kind of financial services! You simply MUST push each of these three emotional buy-buttons to succeed!

* Why positioning yourself as anything less than “Number One” is costing you, big time! And… a simple technique for you to use, to immediately change this!

* In this month’s “Little-Known Copywriting Secrets” column, you’ll discover “How to keep yourself focused on benefits to your prospect, even over a multi-step marketing campaign!”

* In this month’s Weekend Update: What Google wants… Why online shoppers leave your site… What online shoppers REALLY want out of your online video information… Cool url’s… and why worrying about the number of “hits” your site gets, is nothing but a waste of your time!

* Read all about “A Valuable Lesson” I learned, and how allows you to avoid getting bogged down or consumed with all the “trash talk” that goes on inside your head. If you ever procrastinate or if you know you should be doing better, then you MUST listen to this!

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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