If you’ve ever felt alone or lonely.

Boy I know the subject line of today’s tip sounds somewhat morose, but it’s not. And I also know it took courage for you to open this e-mail, simply because the subject line IS somewhat intimidating.

Well, kudos to you for being courageous — I’m going to do my darndest to make it worth your while.

You see, all of us as entrepreneurs, have at some point on our journey, felt like we were the outsiders. Maybe you’ve felt alienated from your friends or family in the way you think… maybe you just “sense” you look at things different from most of the folks who live in your neighborhood… and maybe you and your spouse haven’t seen eye-to-eye over your business at times.

When this happens, sometimes you feel like a lost sheep — alone on the side of the mountain with no other sheep, and the shepherd’s nowhere to be found.

But that’s not true.

I heard something while I was watching a DVD yesterday, that really put this in perspective. Here, listen to this: All my life, the number one passion I’ve had, outside of my business and my family, has always been music. In fact, I’ve had music as my best friend, long before I ever had my family or my business.

I played at Carnegie Hall as a kid, and I was in bands all my life during my youth. And even today, a day doesn’t go by where I don’t listen to at least one music CD (not to mention at least one informational CD.)

But until recently, there was one VERY successful and famous musician, I’d never acquired a taste for: Bob Dylan.

The thing with Bob Dylan is that you’re not supposed to like his music — you’re supposed to be mesmerized by his lyrics, because they tell stories, share experiences, and are filled with creative tales. I recently started listening closely to Dylan, and I can appreciate his creative genius, and his seeming madness as well.

And since, when I find someone or something interesting, I want to learn more about them, to try and understand what makes them “tick,” I ordered a DVD about Dylan and was watching some of it yesterday while I was on the exercise bike.

He made a comment — a very very simple comment (All of his most profound lyrics are extremely simple, by the way. Not a five-dollar word in there anywhere.) — and he said, “I was born so far away from where I belong… that I’ve just been on my journey heading back this whole time.”

I think many of us have felt this same way. For those of us who have strayed SO far from where we started, it’s not that we’ve strayed at all. It’s that we weren’t supposed to be there in the first place — and now… we’re just headed home.

Enjoy the journey.

Now go sell something, Craig

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