If You’re Scrambling Around To Give Her Chocolates Today… I Have A Better Idea!

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Now let’s get on with the show. When I was a kid, I used to go and buy my mom The Whitman’s sampler box of chocolates, at our local candy store. (The hood didn’t have things like Walgreens and CVS when I was a growing up.)

And if you’re still scrambling around at this late point to find some goodies for your wife or your partner or your mother or whoever, then listen up, because I have some “better than usual” words of wisdom. Perhaps you should consider getting your loved one — or the object of your most ardent desires — a box of Noka chocolates?

After all, it’s only $39 dollars for a box of 12 pieces. But make sure the recipient isn’t really a chocoholic, because in exchange for your $39 dollars plus tax and shipping, they will receive 0.9 ounces in TOTAL, amongst the 12 pieces. That’s .075 ounces apiece. Slightly more than the weight of your big toenail when it’s full-grown, after you clip it off.

I kid you not, and if you work the math through, this comes out to $693.33 per pound. And I’ll say that true love has absolutely NOTHING to do with whether or not you buy this.

Noka chocolates are part of the luxury retail market that STUFFS every issue of Robb Report, CelebStaff Magazine, and several other high-end magazines, with more ads than you’d know what to do with.

So whether you “get it” or not, appreciate that “paying a premium” is IN. People would rather pay more for good quality, than pay less for crap. (Except K-Mart shoppers of course.)
And in actual fact, Noka is NOT the most expensive chocolate around. Apparently a shop in Norwalk, Connecticut, called “Chocopologie,” offers $2,600-a-pound bonbons with pink peppercorns or crystallized violets inside them.

The owners of the Noka are both accountants (Imagine THEIR Valentine’s Day conversations, “Honey… was that a debit… or a credit?” “A credit, snookums.” “Great, I love you.”) and admit there really is nothing special about their chocolates, but that the product’s value is in the “gifting experience.”

In other words, this is the kind of gift you give, when you need to tell the person you give it to, exactly how much you paid for it.

Kinda like when you hire me to write a promotion for you. After you do it, you get “street cred” for what you did, and you enjoy the buying experience, fully.

Oh, and a VERY happy Valentine’s Day to my wife and daughter.

I’m out. Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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