If you’re gonna hit ‘em, you’d better be throwing a knockout punch.

Here’s what you’re up against:

Some eggs are now stamped with ads on them in the supermarket.

Pizza cartons and Chinese food take-out containers now have ads stamped all over them.

You can’t pee in a urinal without seeing an ad for something in front of you…

Subway turnstiles, airplane motion sickness bags, airplane trays – (I actually did a re-write of an ad from an airline tray a few months back in The Seductive Selling Newsletter – http://www.kingofcopy.com/ssnl ), adverts before and after your DVD starts — the way marketers are trying to get your attention today makes television and newspapers seem antiquated.

Billboards, screens in gyms and restaurants — basically, anywhere there’s space, someone’s competing for your attention.

I read somewhere that toilet bowls in the future will have flatscreen televisions on the bottom, because psychologists have discovered that since your are SO intensely focused on one thing, the split-second between the time you stand in front of the bowl, and the time you pull your pants down, turn around, and squat… the neurotransmitters in your brain are HIGHLY receptive to ANY kind of information being fed to it at that moment.

That’s not really true, I made that up — but it sounds pretty compelling, doesn’t it?

Anyway, it used to be the average consumer was exposed to over 3,000 messages a day, but with all this new technology creeping into our lives, 24/7, and even on our eggs (Yet another reason why I can tell my wife I shouldn’t be in the grocery store — it makes me think about work.), the marketers who are able to communicate with the most persuasion and authority, are going to be the ones who get whatever attention is available.

The entrepreneurs who can get their prospects involved, tell them stories, and push their emotional buy-buttons will win, hands down. The rest lose, period. There’s no middle ground here.

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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