I have an embarrassing confession to make: an inside secret about my new book

First, just to let you know we’ve had some “glitches” with our website, but I’m hoping to upload a very important case study for you to watch and listen to, later on today.  In the meanwhile, if you haven’t had the chance to watch yesterday’s launch videos, you can check them out right here, right now.

The case study I’m hoping to post, is an interview I did with a guy who was a salaried employee earning $60K, not three months ago… but today… using just a few of the strategies inside my new book, “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers,” he will earn somewhere between $175K – $200K in the next twelve months – conservatively.

Anyway, look out for this later on this afternoon (hopefully).

There are a few questions I’ve received over the last several weeks, in anticipation of my book release.  Let me answer them all at once for you here, briefly:

“Yes,” I really made a hair north of $578,000 with a small online list of less than 5,000 names, and “Yes,” inside the book I show you snapshots of my numbers from my shopping cart, so you can see for yourself.

I’m a lot of things, but a liar isn’t one of them.

The funny thing is, prior to a meeting with one of my associates, I had NO idea at all, this was even significant.  I’m so darn hard on myself, all I can ever think about is moving ahead.  What I did yesterday is irrelevant — or so I thought!

And since I don’t really discuss how much I make with people, until I happened to have this one conversation with a mentor of mine… I really had no frame of reference for what I was doing and how good or bad it was.

What makes this somewhat even more incredible is that I did this with NO advertising and no big product launches.  And if you’ve been with me for a while, then you also know I am NOT some loud-mouthed marketer who’s hooked up with any kind of a good old boys marketing network.

In fact, I’m pretty reclusive.  Many people would say I live a fairly simple, and when it comes down to it… a somewhat “boring” lifestyle.  I wake up… drive over to the gym in my Jeep Wrangler… work out… come home… and then work all day in my office which is on the second floor of my lake-house.

Sometimes I’ll take a break to spend some time with my wife, or sometimes I’ll take a break and go fishing on my lake… and I usually drop off and pick up my daughter from school, once or twice a week.

My hobbies are reading… listening to music… fitness… fishing… coffee and cigars… and traveling, when we can.

Not particularly exciting, I know.  But I had enough excitement as a kid growing up in New York City.  Problem was, most of the excitement was “bad” excitement, including, (among other things) divorce… drugs… violence… a stolen childhood… bankruptcy… and lots of other unconventional experiences.

And I share many of these personal stories with you, in my book.

So now… I’m quite happy just to be relaxing here on my lake-house just outside of Tampa, Florida.  In fact, today we’re having some cooler weather, and I’m sitting here on my patio outside my office, overlooking the lake and the cypress trees, writing this on my laptop while having a coffee.

O.K., that’s enough for now.  Watch your inbox and hopefully this afternoon we’ll be able to fix that video case study so you can learn some important marketing and copywriting lessons to use in your business… and in your life.

Again, if you haven’t had the chance to watch yesterday’s launch videos, LIVE from New York City, you can check them out here.

And if you have any comments, share them with us.  You can post them on the blog, just underneath the videos.  Lots of people have already done this.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S. When you’ve had a lifetime of stress, sometimes boring… is pretty exciting!

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Craig GarberAuthor of "How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers, " and publisher of Seductive Selling - an offline marketing newsletter currently read in 15 countries, world-wide. In a nutshell, I do two things: 1. I show you how to attract a reliable, steady stream of pre-qualified leads who are ready to do business with you NOW... 2. And I increase your net profits and cash-flow, by increasing your customer, client, or patient value -- often, dramatically. How do I do this? By developing, and helping you implement, unique, personalized lead generation and marketing strategies... using compelling sales messages that push your customers emotional buy-buttons. I've worked with over 300 clients in more than 104 different industries, since March of 2000, and I really enjoy what I do. I'm a stable, reliable, happily married family guy with three kids who loves life and always follows through on my commitments and promises. I love to listen to music, workout, read, travel with my family, take pictures, and go bass fishing. I always say "Yes," when it comes to good cigars, good books, and good coffee :-)