HUGE legal problems for you, and more coming just around the corner

Let me get right to the point.

If you run a business offline or online, on December 1st (in 12 days), your business (and potentially all your cash-flow) is very likely to be dramatically altered.

The FTC has established a new set of guidelines affecting ANYONE who uses testimonials… anyone who makes results-oriented statements or claims… and ANYONE who promotes other people’s products as an affiliate.

There are NO exceptions to these rules, and they apply directly to YOU, whether you do business online OR offline.

There is lots of trouble going on out there in the business world today:

Recently, a very well-known marketer was arrested and given TEN years probation in lieu of 10 years of hard-core jail time, and well over $1 Million dollars of his personal assets were seized.

And other marketers who use words like “Donald Trump” in their sales materials, are about to be facing HUGE legal problems under these new guidelines.

I do not normally like attorneys, however a very sharp lawyer I know — who has an expertise in specifically dealing with online marketing — has just released a turn-key set of legal documents that protect you and take these new Federal Trade Commission Guidelines into account, in doing so.

And for less than $20 bucks a document, he is now offering you concrete language personally geared to your business, which you can use to protect your business in 10 specific areas.

This is an incredible deal, because try getting 5 minutes of even a bad attorney’s time for $20 bucks, and see what that buys you.

Anyway, I am going to grab my copy right now, and I suggest you go ahead and do the same right here.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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