How to write a winning sales pitch!

I’m VERY busy right now – copywriting clients, consulting, and outside projects. So daily tips haven’t been as frequent, and I’m sorry about that.

Next week, we’re going to have a big blowout Easter sale, so sharpen your credit cards, ok?

Today, I want to talk about two things:

1. How to write a winning sales pitch, and…

2. Jason Kidd, the point guard for the NY Knicks

First, let’s talk about how to write a winning sales pitch.

I’m going to be brief on this topic, and ‘m also going to give credi where credit’s due. Because these words of wisdom come from David Ogilvy, in his book, Confessions Of An Advertising Man.

In it, he gives the best description I’ve seen, of the mindset you should have, when you sit down to write. “When you sit down to write… pretend you are talking to the woman on your right at a dinner party. She has asked you, ‘I am thinking of buying a new car. What would you recommend?’ Write your copy as if you were answering that question.”

To me, this is such a brilliant definition of “What’s the most natural way of pitching something?”

And, it’s why all the hypey copy you see out there — contrary to what you might hear — simply does NOT work.

I mean, come on… would you really tell someone, “You’re about to discover the hidden secrets to making bajillions – right from your own home.”



I’d RUN and immediately disconnect from anyone who spoke to me like that. And I think most people would do their own version of this very same thing, if someone spoke to them like this, as well.

As to HOW to respond to this woman at the dinner party, Ogilvy had this to say:

“Avoid superlatives, generalizations and platitudes. Be specific and factual. Be enthusiastic, friendly, and memorable. Don’t be a bore. Tell the truth, but make the truth fascinating.”

I realize that’s TWO things that are difficult for lots of people — telling the truth, and not being boring… but hey — no one said this selling stuff was easy, right?

Now the second thing I want to talk about is Jason Kidd.

Kidd’s the point guard for the New York Knicks. He’s an incredibly talented ball player, and he’s had an amazing career — definitely a future hall-of-famer.

Kidd’s turning 40 this weekend, and there was a great article in the New York Times this morning, about how Kidd was recently working with his trainer, on some BASIC shooting fundamentals.

I mean, here is one of the greatest shooters in the NBA, and what was he doing before the game last week?

Practicing on the basics.

This was incredibly inspiring, as well as great insight on what makes the greats stay great, no matter what field you’re in: just practice the basics, a little more than the next guy.

You can read this article right here

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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