How to write a good advertisement

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When I first started writing sales copy, I was lucky enough to be mentored by a brilliant marketing strategist named Gary Halbert.

One of the many clever things Gary was known for, was his “gun to the head” concept.

Here’s what happened: he was once struggling so badly… if the promotion he was working on, didn’t work… he’d literally be out on the street.

So he thought to himself… “Before I actually start writing, I’m going to pretend someone has a gun to my head. And if what I’m writing doesn’t sell, I’m going to imagine that gun will be going off, and that’ll be the end of me.”

This is a great concept in theory. But for me… I never seemed to feel comfortable with it, in practice.

I like to be very relaxed when I’m writing. That’s how I can communicate most clearly and most effectively. And the thought of someone having a gun to my head, just isn’t consistent with having a “relaxed” state of mind.

However, the concept is extremely valid. So I came up with something else, that’s similar but doesn’t feel as stressful.

The approach I have, is this: First, I pretend I’m selling in person, not in print. For me, this is more congruent, anyway… since you should be writing like you speak, anyway.

And then, I look at each person I’m meeting with, to make my sales pitch, as a unique, one-time only event.

Meaning, you have ONE chance to sell this person, and that’s it. So when you and this person meet, you’d better be putting out the best you have to offer… because you aren’t getting a second chance here.

And when it comes to print… the best you have to offer is a well-thought out, well crafted, persuasive and compelling solution to your buyer’s problem.

For me, this is a better fit than the “gun to the head” concept.

Your mileage may vary on this and you might like the gun concept better, and that’s fine.

Whatever works best, is the one to go with. But the point is… a large part of your success at writing a good advertisement, lies in what’s going on in between your ears while you’re writing.

So do everything you can, to line the odds up in your favor — especially if what goes in in your head looks anything like the mess that’s going on in mine :-)

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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