How to win (and how to lose) your next negotiation.

Many people foolishly give up in a negotiation environment, before they’ve even sat down across the table from their “opponent.”

Here’s why: A lot of who wins in the negotiating process, has to do with “power,” and who has it (and who doesn’t).

But here’s a little secret about power, that’s going to help you the next time you’re trying to get something.

The secret is, that “power” is never taken — it’s always given. Either you give your opponent power, or they give it to you, that’s it. You can’t take it from someone, and they can’t take it from you, unless you’re giving it to them.

Now there are many ways of giving up power. Some of them have to do with the non-verbal cues you’re giving away… some have to do with actual fears you may have… and some even have to do with where you sit at the negotiating table, or who you’re even sitting next to. (Often, the person you’re sitting next to, transfers their power — or their perceived power over to you and you benefit from this.)

Oftentimes, if you’re both smart — or if you’re both “alpha” personalities, then neither one of you will give up your power — and in this case, the best negotiator wins, or… the person who has the biggest “want” loses. Meaning, the party who has no problem walking away from the deal is the party who will ultimately win, unless they’re not too swift.

On the other hand, if you’re both weak, then… it doesn’t really matter what happens because nothing’s probably going to get done anyway, right?

The point is, you MUST remember that no one can take power away from you — only YOU can concede and give it up, in any dealing.

And this is a lesson that will serve you very well, whether you’re trying to get someplace with your spouse… a vendor… or of course, a business negotiation.

If… you’re smart enough… to remember.

Now go sell something, Craig

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