How to use wonderfully simple stories to create trust in your copy

Let’s talk about telling stories and how you can make them most effective.

Yesterday, I told you the cardinal rule of story-telling was to make sure your story is an emotionally compelling human-interest tale your prospects can relate to.

The “why” of this, of course, is easy to understand, right?

People make buying decisions based on emotions, so unless you engage them on an emotional level, you’ve got no sale.

Now there are a few different easy ways you can do this. Here are some story formulas to think about, that engage your prospects emotionally. And if you do this right, they also create a sense of “trust” between the two of you:

* Rags to riches, ugly to good-looking, overcoming an obstacle, one extreme to the other. Everyone loves the underdog, and ultimately, deep in our hearts, we all want to believe “you can’t keep a good man down,” and all that jazz.

* Consumer advocate, how the little guy can still win today, beat the big nameless faceless ___ (fill in the blanks) – helping the common man do something in spite of some sort of a common enemy’s incompetence and ignorance, also makes a great story everyone can relate to.

* The voice of authority, firm but loving parent or mentor, the stern teacher who really wants you to succeed. These kinds of stories also resonate well since we’ve all had some kind of experience with a person like this, and it’s nice and romantic to think that someone cares about you in this way.

But be careful with these stories. The best way to use them is when they are founded in sincerity and reality. NEVER be deceptive and never placate or talk down to your prospects, and never ever think you know more than they do.

“Humility” and “sincerity” are the key words here when it comes to your communication.

Oh, and make sure you’re specific about all the pain and frustration you went through, to accomplish whatever it is you did. Specifics make you believable and they also make your story come to life. (A bowl of fresh red cherries laying down on an old wooden table outside, is a lot more vivid than “some fruit.”)

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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