How to seriously increase the value of what you're selling: perception is reality

The more you can increase the value of what you’re selling, the greater your value proposition becomes, and the more you’re going to sell.

There’s one very easy way of doing this, but most people don’t take the time to do it, I think… because they get a little confused or scared about how to present it. Also, since it has to do with mathematics, and since many people aren’t comfortable with math, this instinctively gets ignored.

Let me show you a simple way you can use this technique.

If you are selling something that either helps people increase their income or saves them money somehow, the first thing you need to do is to show them the math.

So for instance, if every transaction you do yields $300, and it’s very reasonable that you can do one transaction a day, then you say something like this:

“Look, I can’t pretend to sit here and assume you’re going to be able to do this every day — after all, not everyone is that motivated, and some people just don’t have the time. But… let’s say you’re just going to do this on a part-time basis and you’re only going to complete two of these projects every week. You like your free time and this is just a part-time side deal for you.

Let’s say you’re only going to do 2 of these each week, and you’re going to take one week off every month. That means you’ll be making an extra $600 bucks each week, 3 times a month, for a total of $1,800 a month.

In just six months, that’s an extra $10,800 dollars… over a year, that’s more than $20 Grand! Not bad for a part-time gig, is it?

In just two years, that’s $43,200 dollars extra, part-time! (doing only 2 deals a week!)

Can you see where I’m going with this? The possibilities are endless!”

Now, can YOU see where I’m going with this? The possibilities really are endless, right?

So what have we learned here?

One, work things out from soup to nuts. Meaning, do your math…

Two, show your prospect how easy the math actually is…

And three, work the math out over an extended time period.

How long?

Long enough to make it real, but not so long it’s not imaginable.

Just the same way you can’t tell someone they need to burn 70,000 calories to lose 20 pounds, you can’t tell someone “over the next 15 years you’ll make…” In today’s day and age, sometimes even talking about next week is too much of a stretch for many people.

You get my drift, right?

Remember, the more you can increase the perceived value of your offer, the more people will respond to it.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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