How to make your prospects buy? The answer is simple.

“Just tell ’em what they want to hear.”

Here’s the deal: If you’re like most entrepreneurs I know, you probably spend incredible amounts of time trying to be the best at whatever it is you do.

The time, effort, commitment and passion it takes to be the best, is absolutely overwhelming sometimes. Few people realize exactly how much success extracts out of you.

That’s why I often say, “Success isn’t for the weak or timid.”

The problem is, what we think about most, is what we usually do. And what we do most is who we are. Unfortunately, this becomes a big marketing issue for most people.

See, your prospects aren’t interested in what you do. They could care less how you spend your time and how long it took you to become a master “whatever.”

When you go out and buy a CD off of iTunes, for example, you don’t sit and consider which guitarist practiced harder, before you make your purchase, right?

Of course not.

All you think about is which one sounds better to you. Which one makes you feel whatever kind of mood you’re looking to feel.


Do you ask your doctor what his grades were on his final exams, before you let him slice you open?

I don’t think so.

And see, your prospects aren’t interested in that about you, either. They’re only interested in that same thing. They’re interested in the benefits of what you do. They’re interested in RESULTS.

They want to know, if they give you money, what are the results they can expect… how long will it take them to get these results… and how will their lives be different AFTER they give you money.

No one cares that you had to stay up all night long to finish making your batch of doughnuts, or your wicker furniture.

So often, I see marketers — and especially copywriters or someone trying to pass themselves off as a copywriting expert — talking about in their sales letter, how many books they’ve read or who’s courses they took.

This is almost laughable. It’s like telling someone in an online dating ad that you’ve tried on loads of different clothing at Nieman Marcus, so you’ll be presentable when you go out on a date.

Who cares!

Remember, when you’re selling, focus on results, benefits, and experiences. Not how long it took you to become the whiz-bang you are.

That was your choice and your problem, and you should never make your problems, someone else’s problems. Especially your prospects.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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