"how to make maximum money" unusual FAQ, part 2

We’ve been getting a number of questions about my new book, “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers,” and we are currently in the process of making a few, very short video clips that answer these questions.  In the meanwhile, I am answering them here:

5.    Do I need to be a good sales person or particularly persuasive to use these strategies inside your book?

No.  Everything you need to know (and do), is shown to you, step-by-step.  There are also literally hundreds of examples of how to use these strategies, in loads of different industries and situations, throughout the book.  Remember, my success isn’t built on “convincing,” it’s built on attracting.  I’m not a hard closer.  I’m a hard opener and I show you what I mean by this, and how to do this to make maximum money, much easier, inside this manual.

6.    Do I need to be a good copywriter to apply these strategies?

No.  Again, most people aren’t great copywriters.  Remember, wars are won based on the strategies the commanders use, and winning the war on the business battlefield is no different.  If your strategy is flawed — regardless of how great your copy is — your promotion simply won’t work.

On the other hand, great strategy with even mediocre copy will make you money.

Also, besides the several dozen of examples of sales copy inside the book, I have an entire section teaching you how to write sales letters and lead generation ads, which is over 50 pages long.

7.    How soon can I expect to start making money using these strategies?

Some of these strategies can be implemented in 24 hours, many in less time than that.  The amount of time it’s going to take you to see results is only limited by how quickly you can get your information out to your prospects and customers.

8.    Can I use these strategies both online and offline?

Tes, the type of media you use is mutually exclusive from the the strategies themselves, and I cover this inside this manual.  For example, in my business, most of my communication between me and my prospects is online, but most of my goods and services are delivered offline.  I also use direct mail from time to time, to enhance my results.

However, you’ll see testimonials from people who have a wide variety of business models, from people who are similar to my online-offline model… to people who have exclusively online business models… to others who use exclusively offline models.  Again, distribution and strategy are mutually exclusive.

Don’t forget – you get an unconditional lifetime guarantee with this – I am 110% confident in the information inside this manual and in how simple it has been laid out in front of you.

You can still get your hands on the book, AND all the extra early launch bonuses when you hurry.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S. Here’s another testimonial, “Craig spares you nothing from the moment you crack this open. This is an endearing tale of triumph and accomplishment (on HIS terms), and now he lays bare what you can model to do likewise…

Reading this book is like getting a crash course in modern business success. I’d say it’s like drinking water from a fire-hydrant, but Craig’s much more precise with his advice here than that.  He tells you exactly what you should be doing to elevate your business above the mere “rest.” If you don’t devour every word on every page, it’ll be your loss.  There are plenty of posers out there, but Craig isn’t one of them. This book gives you a roadmap to success…

Read Craig’s new book with a pen and paper nearby – you’ll need it to write the pages of profitable notes you’ll take. You’ve got in your hands essential lessons from one of the best… don’t squander it.”

Christopher Hurn – Orlando, Florida

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