How to increase your sales: How to leverage technology – A picture is worth (you know the rest)

I think technology is great, and it makes our lives much easier.  But I LOVE seeing technology that actually increases sales.

For instance…

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When you go into the Apple store, it’s great that you can just give your associate your credit card and they process your transaction and e-mail your receipt, instead of having to wait on a long line to pay.

This saves you time and it’s definitely super-convenient… but I don’t think this increases either individual purchases or overall customer value.

As opposed to something like Amazon Prime, which gives you two-day shipping on all your purchases.  See, this kind of leverage makes you go back and order more often, and definitely increases customer value to amazon, which is why it exists.

So anyway, the other night, I had a great experience with a company that was using technology and I’d bet the house it increased customer transaction value, significantly.

Here’s what happened.

Sunday night Anne and I went out to grab a bite to eat.

I looked on Yelp and this new restaurant came up with some pretty cool ratings, so we figured, “Let’s try that one.”

I think it’s called Carmel Cafe or something like that.

We go inside and there were menus on the table, but… they also handed us an iPad to order from — and here’s where the magic happened.

See, on the iPad, not only did you get a brief description of the food, but… you also got a beautiful picture of your meal.

And so, everything that looked good, you basically dumped it into your cart.  Kind of like when you’re shopping on amazon.  “Oh, only $9.95 for that little paperback, no problem — ‘Click.’  Oh shoot, I’ve been needing a new pair of tweezers, great.  ‘Click.”

You know the drill.

So we order up everything and look at our cart, and we realize… there’s enough food in there to feed a small pack of wolves.

Now in my case, we wound up pulling out a lot of the food, simply because we’re really not big eaters.  Our eyes were just bigger than our bellies when we ordered.

BUT… most people won’t do that.  Most people are more “foodies” than we are, and by showing them the food — and creating temptation and making their mouths salivate… I assure you, the average order is significantly higher than normal.

And why’s that?

Because as you know, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Or in this case… more like, a thousand calories.

Have a great fourth of July.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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