How To Get More Business From Existing Clients

How to get more business from existing clients

It’s a LOT easier to get more business from existing clients, than it is to get new business from new clients.

And that’s because the toughest sale is your first one. After your first sale, things like credibility, believability, and trust — typically the three biggest hurdles you need to overcome to convert someone into a buyer — are no longer issues.

That’s why, after you make your first sale — as long as you deliver what you promised, and gave your client a good experience — subsequent sales are much easier.

And your profit margins on these sales are also much larger, since there’s no customer acquisition cost after your first sale, either.

Meaning, you only need to pay for your leads, once — there are no “lead acquisition costs” when you sell things to existing clients.

Make sense?

Of course. Which is exactly why you should be spending a lot of your time figuring out how to get more business from existing clients:

It’s faster… it’s more profitable… and there’s a lot less marketplace resistance to you, and to whatever you’re selling.

In How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers, I go through a few dozen strategies you can use, to do this. Today, let’s talk about one of them, that’s incredibly simple.

In fact, of all these strategies, it’s the absolute easiest of them all.

The easiest way to get more business from your existing clients, isn’t to wait to get that business. It’s to get that business right from the get-go.

Here’s what I mean.

See, once someone actually makes a commitment to buy from you, life instantly gets much easier for you, from that point forward.

Once a client commits, you want to get more business from them right away, by offering them a couple of different purchase options immediately, at the point of sale.

For example, let’s say you’re a fitness trainer…

Most fitness trainers sell two packages of training – a 6 week plan, and a 12-week plan, for example. They offer the 6 week plan, for those people who are unwilling to go for the 12-week plan.

But instead, you should do something like this:

See, when someone is buying training… chances are good, at that particular moment, they want to do absolutely everything they can get, that’s going to help them get in better shape.

So you should give them everything you can give them, to help them accomplish their goals

Why not offer them, instead, 12 weeks of training… and, “12-weeks of Rapid Body Transformation.”

You give them basic training… daily food consumption menus (or the meals, themselves)… weekly motivational calls… monthly or bi-monthly group support meetings… an online forum… e-mail access…

Basically, you’re almost holding their hand for twelve weeks.

And the good news is, most of the people who hire you, will take this package — especially if you present it as your first option (like I show you on page 172-183 in my book)

Why? Because they’re hiring you to get in shape. Most people don’t want “training” — that’s just a means to an end.

What they want is a Rapid Body Transformation — and… a good chunk of these customers will be thrilled to pay for exactly this.

And the nice thing is, you can use this strategy to get more business from existing clients, no matter what industry you’re in.

Financial planning?

No problem — I used to be a financial planner back in the 90’s before I got into marketing.

You do the same thing – you have one group of clients who pay your standard fee.. and then you have an elite group of clients who are privy to more access and services from you.

Things like monthly phone calls with experts (they don’t even have to be financial planning experts!)… periodic one-on-one calls… e-mail access and early access to you and your team of professional friends (accountants, insurance, other home professional services)… personal portfolio reviews, in plain and simple English (not the silly technical garbage the broker dealers send out, that’s as warm and fuzzy as a notice from the IRS)… periodic reviews of all theit other financial products… and so on.

You see where I’m going with this, right?

Sure. And when you think about it, isn’t this a much better way of taking care of your clients — by providing them with more (and better) services?

Who wouldn’t want that?

Plus, this is so easy to do, right?

Sure, absolutely!

Then why don’t more people use strategies like this?

The answer is simple. Most people are so thrilled to get anyone to say ‘yes,’ they’re afraid of “spoiling” what they have.

It’s like they’ve stumbled across the magic lamp with a genie in it, and they’ve already blown two of their three wishes (find someone qualified who might want to work with you… and, hope they say yes).

They’re afraid, if they ask for more money… they’re going to be “blowing” their third wish, too early. They’re afraid the people will say “No,” and go away.

But really, this problem of being afraid, is mutually exclusive from the problem of, “How to get more business from existing clients.”

In reality, the fear comes from not having enough leads. Fix this, and you’ll have NO fear at all, about asking for more business from your existing clients.

Make sense?

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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