How to be darn-near perfect: The story of the old carpet-fitter.

Ever wonder why some people always seem to get things done right the first time?

Doesn’t it seem somewhat unfair?

Well, here’s a story that gives you some insight about why this happens and how you can do the same thing and avoid loads of hassles and headaches.

In a small town in England, for years and years, there was a carpet-fitter who was always very busy. He’d been installing and fitting carpets for more than a generation of families — having fit carpets for, in some cases — mothers and daughters, and now… grandchildren.

Even though he was getting up in years, the carpet-fitter always did a fantastic job, and he always nailed it just right, the first time.

One day, an ambitious young man was watching the carpet-fitter install yet another fine layer of carpet across the floors of his home, and he approached the carpet-fitter, and asked, “Carpet-fitter, everyone in this land knows that you do a great job. For years, we’ve all watched you install one room of carpet after another, and yet… you’ve never made even one mistake.

How is it sir, that you can do this?

Most people make loads of mistakes and then have to go right back to the drawing board and start all over again.

What is your secret?”

And the carpet-fitter smiled and simply said, “Well son, before we fit any carpet, we measure it twice, so we only have to cut it once.

Most people only measure it once… and that’s why they have to cut it twice.”

The moral of the story is, of course, that preparation and planning go a long way towards making things work just right. In today’s day and age, “winging it,” while great when you’re on vacation, is sometimes not so smart in business.

Now I wish I could tell you this was my original story, but it’s not.

The story was told to me by a friend of mine named Peter Thomson. Peter is the UK’s leading strategist on business and personal growth, and he is my Audio Success CD Interview of the month for September.

Here’s another brilliant thing Peter recently told me: When you go into a store — say it’s a high-end audio shop (or shoppe, as Peter probably spells it). You turn around and say to the sales person, “I’m looking to buy a new stereo, but I never pay retail — is that O.K.?”

Imagine being clever enough to get the sales person to give you permission to pay less than what everyone else is going to pay.

Brilliant, isn’t it!

Here are just a few things Peter and I covered on this months call:

* Creating proprietary marketing systems, and the benefit of doing this…

* Two of Peter’s own systems, the ‘PEQ’ and the “Six-stage sales process”

* How to leverage towards versus away motivation, to compel prospects to take action!

* The difference between getting over a 10-foot rope, and a 100-foot rope…

* And over 73 minutes of other marketing and selling strategies and life-lessons (I know Peter so well, we went into loads of other issues people deal with on a daily basis.)

Listen, there aren’t many people that captivate my attention for too long — Peter’s one of the few who does. In fact, he and I will probably be putting on an event together, next Summer in the UK.

And put it this way: there’s a reason why he sold his business for over $4 Million and retired at age 42. So if you liked this kind of information and this kind of “common-sense” thinking, and you want to listen to this interview, then take the free 30-day test-drive of my Seductive Selling newsletter, and get Peter’s interview, as well as 15 other free gifts (just watch the video to see them) just for saying “Maybe,” at

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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