hot new video: you really DON'T need money… to make money

When I was a kid, I remember my mother always saying things like, “Money comes to money”… and “You need money to make money, Craig.”

Well, this is obviously NOT the truth, and I’m living proof of this, ten times over.

Unfortunately, these are misconceptions that people who don’t have money often buy into.  And sadly, these are the exact kinds of beliefs that wind up selling you (and your family) really short.

DC Fawcett knows what it takes to make money as well.  He’s a young kid – well, to me he’s a kid at only 31 – and he’s done VERY well for himself.

When he first came to me, he had just created his first consulting business – and frankly, although it was a great concept… it was the right idea in the wrong marketplace.  This is a common mistake lots of people make, early on (I know I did, several times).  But he took it to heart, and went back to work.

And work he sure did.  Because here we are, 18 or so months later, and he’s become the top trainer in the real estate short sale space, using his 6 years of prior negotiating experience and having closed on over 467 properties at this point.

For the last 4 months, he’s been working on a new project, and today he’s revealing the second in his series of training videos on how to successfully do these deals in the Commercial Real Estate space.  He’s not pitching or selling anything on this training (I’ve seen it already so I know), and here are some of the things he covers:

*  The TOP 4 Strategies for doing No Money Down deals!  (INSIDERS routinely use these strategies to make themselves a small fortune.)

*  Why both government-backed agencies AND top commercial lenders regularly let you get creative AND use No Money Down financing – even in this economy!

*  How any man or woman can purchase a property and have it PAID IN FULL by
the government!

And… much more.

But this is all laid out a lot clearer on their new video lesson at

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S.  I’ve been involved in direct marketing for over ten years now, and I can tell you from experience that the ONLY difference between you… and an expert like DC… is knowledge and the wisdom gained from the application of this knowledge.  And that’s exactly what these guys are giving you on this no-pitch second video workshop.  (they’ll even let you listen to the first workshop in case you missed it)

So watch this video now, you’ll love it.:

I do have to let know know that if you do ultimately wind up investing in any product offered to you, somewhere later down the line — I’m going to get paid an affiliate commission on this.  However, that’s not why I want you to watch this video.  I want you to watch it because if you are into real estate, the information on it, can genuinely be worth a small fortune to you and your friends.

Let’s face it, if this was all about the money, I’d be promoting a LOT more things than I do now.  If you’ve been with me for any length of time, then you know I rarely promote anyone else’s stuff because my concern is quality first and foremost.

Anyway, check out this first video lesson at

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