Here's the simple formula to writing any sales letter you want:

It’s quite simple actually.

This past weekend I reworked on sales letter for a product I’m getting ready to launch.

You can see the letter here:

But this isn’t about that sales letter. It’s about your ability to CRANK out effective sales letters and information like this, on a regular, and very prolific basis.

See, there only 17 possible components can exist, for any sales letter. This particular sales letter I just showed you contains 13 of them.

At my ad-writing workshop, I’ll be reviewing each one of these, in detail, and you’ll be walking out of the meeting with a draft of a sales letter you’ll be able to run.

As a matter of fact, the headline of this sales letter comes directly from page 12 of the first workshop manual (there are three manuals you will be receiving, with 51 different cut-and-paste headline formulas to use, along with 266 actual live headline examples.)

The opening line of the letter, “Want to make a LOT more money as a real estate investor? Stop buying properties… stop selling properties… and don’t even think about meeting with even one more prospect, until you’ve read this message,” actually didn’t come from the opening lines section of the Workshop manual.

Even though this section contains 15 different opening line templates and 67 different live examples, this opening line came from another section and a little “trick” I often use to come up with story lines, opening lines, and sub-headlines that weave in and out of your sales letter.

The point is, writing a sales letter and creating all the material for it, is very easy once you know the formula. And in FOUR more days, I’ll be spilling the beans about all of this, LIVE and in-person, at my Emotional Copywriting Seminar & Ad Writing Workshop, here in Tampa.

I will also be doing something at this event, that I never have done before, anywhere. I will be hanging around in the evening, after the workshop, on Friday and Saturday nights in a more “social” setting. This way, all the attendees will be able to interact with me and ask me any other questions they want information about, related to marketing, their business, or anything else.

You can find out more about this Workshop and register for it here at

And for even more information about the event, check out the webinar I had on it at (the handout on this call will be given to all attendees)

See you in sunny Tampa, Craig Garber

P.S. My GUARANTEES for this event are simple: You have my personal promise, if you are unhappy with the content of the seminar, or with your experience, and if this isn’t one of the most content-rich and meaningful workshops you’ve ever attended, I will reimburse your registration fee.

Can’t be any more straight-forward than that, now can I? Here are those links again:

Register here at

And for more information about the event, check out the webinar I had on it at

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