Here's the secret to upselling, and it's not what you think.

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I want to wrap up our conversation talking about some of the cool strategies uses to make a killing, and today we’ll talk about upselling. is the KING of upselling, and here’s why: they are always doing it! See, one of the unspoken secrets of success is to just “do something.” This is one of the main reasons why few people succeed where most others fail. It has nothing to do with talent and skill, it’s just that if you don’t show up to the party, you’ll never get to dance.

Most people foolishly believe that they can’t make money if they aren’t doing something incredible or on some sort of stratospheric level that no one else can question, but this isn’t true at all. Few people reach, or need to reach that level, in order to succeed.

It’s like exercise — all you need to do is be consistent and do something that works, and you’ll see results. For most people, however, that word, “consistent,” is more like a four-lettered word.

So let’s look at where and how upsells you.

* When you’re looking at an item, they show you what other folks who looked at this item were interested in, and what they bought. Since there are several selections given to you here, it’s almost impossible to NOT click on at least one of them.

* After you put something into your shopping cart, they do the same exact thing.

* They e-mail you with specials and other items you’re likely to find interesting based on what you’ve already ordered.

* They are just a great company to work with. They do something that’s rare nowadays: they do what they promise.

How can you emulate Simple, offer other products or items at the point of sale, offer items after your first sale is made, and do what you say you’re going to do.

That’s not rocket-science or anything, now is it?

I hope you’ve noticed something over the last few days we’ve been discussing these techniques. None of them are particularly advanced or particularly sexy. And none of them are particularly difficult to execute on a smaller less level.

This is how big things usually happen, though. They are the sum of dozens of smaller, little things put in place over time, that create big waves when compounded.

And I hope that gets you pumped up and excited, because it’s reality.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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