Here's a task you're not worthy of.

Everybody loves a challenge, right?

Even if you’re a moron, when someone wants to test your mettle, it’s just human nature to want to rise up to the challenge.

In fact, many entrepreneurs I know, have become wildly successful, simply because when they were younger, authority figures questioned their ability to succeed — and in essence, challenged them “for life.” (I know I’m one of them, for sure.)

The were basically told “here’s something you’re not worthy of” or “here’s something you can’t do” or some other version of that, which filled them with righteous indignation and enough of a chip on their shoulder to say, “You’re wrong and I’m going to prove it to you.”

But challenging your prospects is also something that’s very effective, when done right.

Some of the most frequent ways you see this done, is by using quizzes or tests. This gets your prospects engaged and invested in your message, and it also immediately positions you as someone with authority over them, who’s allowing or disallowing them into their “club,” based on their performance.

In other words, it creates instant demand through the use of scarcity — or the threat of potential scarcity. Remember, you always want more of something when it’s harder to get.


If you’re a baby boomer, you no doubt remember the old art school ads that said “Can you draw this picture?” And then there were a few pictures underneath for you to copy and submit. I remember there was a Leprechaun, but I can’t recall any of the others right now.

This drawing test instantly put the school in the drivers seat, by disqualifying applicants that weren’t interested. See, most people think it disqualified applicants who weren’t good artists, but this isn’t true.

It just disqualified those folks who weren’t interested enough in completing the drawing and submitting it. If you were motivated enough to complete the drawing, then you’re qualified to receive a 2-step lead generation free report, pitching the Art School.

Make sense?

Later on this week, we’ll talk more about using quizzes or qualifying questions that get your prospects involved. In the meanwhile, if you have specific questions about this, leave them on my blog and I’ll either answer them directly or in an e-mail, sometime over the next few days.

Also, later on pay close attention to more information about my upcoming Ad Writing Workshop that’s taking place here in Tampa, in early January. This workshop will be a small event limited to 25 people only, because of the intense one-on-one involvement I’ll be having with the attendees.

The event will be 2 1/2 days long, and as expected, it won’t be inexpensive.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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