Here, pull up a chair and listen to this:

We’re still in the process of trying to figure out ways to avoid “saying too much.” Clearly, this description about a single malt whiskey, was FAR too wordy:

“This is a toffee gold dram from a refill butt and is very mature for its age. The nose delivers pencil shavings, ripe fruit, nutmeg, flowers and orange toffee. At full strength, the taste was extremely agreeable and longreaching, with flavours of sweet bread dough, coconut and cherry coke. Once diluted, the nose had pepper and sugared violets (much later perfumed soap), while the palate was orangey with caramel creams and some dry pepper in the finish. Very sophisticated and easy to drink.”

Yesterday we talked about one strategy you can use to sell something: Telling your prospects who shouldn’t buy the product.

Today we’ll talk about another strategy, selling using a story. Here’s an example of this…

“If I had to go back over the last few years of my life and think of all the most meaningful gatherings I’ve had with close friends, this would be the scotch I’d want to enjoy during most of those times. This is a fun scotch — one that’s going to leave an exciting taste on your tongue — maybe like wild flowers combined with a strong sense of boldness — but it’s mostly a scotch you won’t forget…”

Stories like this get your prospects engaged with your product, and they also put your prospect in a very receptive mind to buy. The emotional buy-button of nostalgia is a powerful one, and this kind of a story taps right into it. You want to make sure, though, that when you’re asking your prospect to go back into the recesses of their mind, you take them through all the positive “feel good” stuff — not back into their dysfunctional childhood or anything like that.

Anyway, so far, instead of rambling on like a drone, which is what the original ad did, we now have two alternatives:

  • Telling your prospects who shouldn’t buy, and..
  • Selling using stories.

Tomorrow we’ll look at another cool technique you can use.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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