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This workshop isn’t like anything you’ve ever been to before. In fact, here are five reasons why this ISN’T “just another copywriting seminar:”

1. For starters, everyone who attends this small and intimate event, is walking out of here with a completed ad or sales letter. Considering it would otherwise cost you $60,000 plus royalties to hire me outright, this is not only the best deal of the year for you, but it’s the best deal of your entire lifetime!

2. Plenty of people can write copy. But NO ONE can write copy that compels readers at an emotional “gut” level, the way I do. And as you know, the fastest and surest way to get your prospects to buy, is by pushing their “emotional buy-buttons.” This will be the fundamental focus of every strategy and subtle nuance we discuss at this workshop. Magic bullets that make people buy? We’ll go over them. Special “hot” words that stop people dead in their tracks? I got ’em and I’ll give ’em to you. Making your prospects well up with optimism and hope for a better tomorrow because of what you have to sell them? That’s what selling is all about.

I’ll take you by the hand and show you, step-by-step, exactly how to do this, by giving you an easy and systematic process to go through, so you wind up spending time only doing those things you NEED to do.

3. This is a ONE-TIME ONLY event! It is NOT a workshop I plan on running this year, and then next year, and then the next year again! With so many projects, new developments, and new businesses I’m working on, I thrive on change and on new challenges. This is a one-shot deal only, where I’m going to reveal all the behind the scenes secrets to writing clean, emotionally compelling sales copy that eliminates selling resistance.

4. I am going to show you how to take the “headache” out of writing sales copy, and the pain out of writing sales letters! And when you have a step-by-step systematic way of doing things, all you do is follow these steps in order, and then you’re done. It’s like going to the grocery store — you look at your checklist: Do you need butter this week? Yep. How about milk? Sure, just ran out. How about cookies? Nope, not this week. With your sales copy checklist, writing winning sales letters and powerful ads is just as easy.

5. I will also, for the first time only, reveal the 15 most important secrets Gary Halbert taught me, when I worked with him back in 2003, that I’ve never revealed before, and do NOT plan on discussing again!

Look, this isn’t an inexpensive event, but what’s one good sales letter worth to you? For that matter, what’s a lifetime of great sales letters worth to you?

When you look at the value you’re getting, and the pain and suffering I’ve been through to get this information — not to mention the results it’s brought me — heck, the ROI on this thing is probably higher than on any other investment you’ve ever made!

So if you’re willing to shoot for the moon every once in a while… then you just may be in for the most thrilling ride… of your life! See you here in Tampa:

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S. You’ll even discover when to introduce your goods and services in your sales letter, and maybe even more important — when not to!

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Craig GarberAuthor of "How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers, " and publisher of Seductive Selling - an offline marketing newsletter currently read in 15 countries, world-wide. In a nutshell, I do two things: 1. I show you how to attract a reliable, steady stream of pre-qualified leads who are ready to do business with you NOW... 2. And I increase your net profits and cash-flow, by increasing your customer, client, or patient value -- often, dramatically. How do I do this? By developing, and helping you implement, unique, personalized lead generation and marketing strategies... using compelling sales messages that push your customers emotional buy-buttons. I've worked with over 300 clients in more than 104 different industries, since March of 2000, and I really enjoy what I do. I'm a stable, reliable, happily married family guy with three kids who loves life and always follows through on my commitments and promises. I love to listen to music, workout, read, travel with my family, take pictures, and go bass fishing. I always say "Yes," when it comes to good cigars, good books, and good coffee :-)