Growing your business, growing your life – Let me know if this is for you, or not:

Here’s the deal: I’m not sure whether I’m going to do this or not, because it’s a huge commitment and a big responsibility, but… I may have something you’re interested in.

Here’s what I am thinking about doing.  And… I’m ONLY thinking about it, at this point.

I’m thinking about setting up a very exclusive, very intense mentoring program, for one or two students ONLY.

This would be a 52-week one-on-one advisory program, starting the first week of January, 2012.

If you qualify, you and I will get together once a week, every week in 2012 — for one hour at a time.  And during this time, we’ll work on you and your business, from soup to nuts.

We’ll work on your mindset… your marketing… and your business philosophy.

And… we will do this like clockwork — week in… and week out.

By this time next year, if you’ve applied what I’ve shared with you… you should be well on your way to a new business… and, a new life.

If you are one of the one or two people in this program, besides our weekly meeting, you’ll also get to spend one full day with me during the year, here at my home office in sunny Tampa, Florida — consulting, fishing, whatever’s best for you.

Yes, obviously you are getting a TON of value here, and so as you’d expect, this is not an inexpensive program – your investment in this relationship and in your transformation, would be $100,000 for the full year.

This program isn’t for everyone.

It’s for someone who’s GENUINELY committed to turning their life around — probably both personally… and professionally.

It’s also only for someone who’s philosophically in line with the kind of work I do, the kind of marketing I use, and the approach I have to life.

We’ll go through selected readings and exercises, and develop a strong market positioning and USP for you and your business.

I’ll also share with you, all the ‘behind the scenes’ secrets i’ve learned over the last 13 years in working with clients in almost 100 different industries, as well as the strategies I’ve used in my own businesses, and as we’re setting up my new telemarketing companies — both here and in Germany.

And obviously, if I’m going to put this much into someone, you and I need good chemistry.

Again, this is NOT a firm commitment on my part, because I’m not yet 100% sold on having this much contact with someone.  Right now this is just an idea I’m trying to flesh out, more than anything else.

The issue for me is, for the one or two people I’d wind up working with… this will be almost as much interaction as I have with my older children at this point.  And I don’t take this kind of a commitment lightly.

But that’s my job to figure out, not yours.

However, if this is something you are SERIOUSLY interested in… then please do the following:

Reply to this e-mail and send my assistant Anne a note explaining the following:

1.  Why you want to participate in a unique program like this.

2.  The kind of business you’re either in right now… or the kind of business you want me to help you develop and grow.

3.  Your prior experience in working with advisors or mentors

4.  The biggest obstacles you’ve had with getting started or moving forward — personally, and professionally (This is 100% confidential information between you and me.)

5.  Why you feel I can help you

6.  What you want to get out of our work together.

7.  Let me know a little bit about you – both personally and professionally.  Things like, where you live now… where you grew up… some prior history about yourself.  (Again, this is 100% confidential information between you and me.)

8.  Whether or not you have the funds on hand today, to participate in this mentorship, IF I agree to do it… and IF it makes sense for the two of us.  (Please do NOT apply if you can’t answer “Yes” to this question.  I just can’t afford to spend time trying to help unqualified prospects.)

Simply reply to this e-mail and send in your responses to these questions, if this is something you want.  Anne will let you know she received your e-mail, and then she will schedule an appointment for you and I to speak about this and figure out if it makes sense, sometime before Christmas.

Also, feel free to add any in any other information that might be relevant to us working together.

O.K., that’s it.  Tomorrow we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming ;-)

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

P.S. Remember… 2012… is going to be… EXplosive — but only if you want it to be!

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