Good Copywriting

How good copywriting can increase perceived value:

Here’s how good copywriting can increase perceived value:

Sometimes the trick to writing copy and selling in print, is to be very direct.

But other times you need to take the opposite tactic and create a little excitement and mystery.

You typically do this when you want to create favorable comparisons to what you’re selling.

And you make these comparisons by comparing two completely different things. One which has more of a known value – and the other whose value is perhaps more ambiguous.

This way, YOU get to set the value benchmarks, instead of allowing your buyers to go up inside their own mind and do it.

For example, here’s an easy one. A common thing when you’re buying info products, is comparing the value of the products (which can be hard to peg for some people), against the time or effort or investment you’d have to make, to get this same knowledge – but on a one on one basis.

That ones easy, right?

Sure, but what about something less common, like… selling therapy, for instance?

Can you compare apples and oranges when you’re selling therapy?

And should you be doing this in the first place?

Well, to answer your second question – yes, you should use this technique.


Because lots of people are new to therapy, and they really don’t know the value of it.

And if you’ve ever been to therapy yourself, then you know – depending on the therapist – even when you do know the value… sometimes it’s lost :-)

But to answer the first question, here’s how you might use the “comparing apples and oranges” technique, to sell therapy. (Or, if you’re in the UK, “comparing chalk and cheese”).

“After attending your first session, most people find their minds are much clearer than they’ve been in years. It’s like taking your own private mini-vacation to a place far far away.

A place where there’s no stress and anxiety… no responsibilities… and nothing to worry about, except yourself.”

Now mind you – this is how you might consider selling family therapy. But not all therapies are the same thing.

If you’re trying to sell drug counseling, there’s probably a different hook you’d want to use. But I think you get the gist of what I’m trying to explain here, right?


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