Finally, a gift from Starbucks.

If you were awake, then you noticed last week I did not send out too many e-mails. A few folks were wondering if anything happened to me, and the answer is “No.” I am, in fact, very alive and well and full of piss and vinegar.

I was simply slammed with work and had lots to get done before leaving for a long weekend away on vacation, which I am now back from, and VERY well-rested.

Before I get started today, I have a couple of announcements to make — and they may irritate some folks reading this. First, if you are a regular reader of this e-zine and do nothing else but read this e-zine, what you’re really getting out of it — and frankly, out of your business — is far less than what you can, and what you probably should be getting.

You see, reality is… the amount of energy you put into something, is directly tied to the amount of investment you’re making to get that information. So while I’m not saying you shouldn’t listen to the sage advice I have to offer about marketing, business, and sometimes even life in general — if that’s ALL your doing, you are leaving munney, and unfulfilled ambition on the table.

With that said, at a MINIMUM, you should be reading my offline newsletter, which is called Seductive Selling. Here’s a comment I received last month about it: “OK, I have been reading your newsletters for last 4 months and have also read 6 back issues. I have subscribed to (someone else’s) newsletter for the last 4 years and I am amazed that you surpass his material, which is darn good.

I think the best part of your entire newsletter is your rewrites of bad marketing. I can clearly see your teaching points about triggering emotional buy buttons and writing copy that kicks butt. And it makes sense because you put your money where you mouth is and show us what you got. This gives you a lot of credibility in my book and really drives home your teaching points in the newsletter.

Please keep doing this. In my opinion the rewrites are worth 7 or 8 times more than any other section. And the rest of the newsletter is still terrific.

I also appreciate that you go out and find good and bad marketing yourself by just doing your normal activities of life. This has helped me become more aware of marketing in magazines, newspapers, driving down the street, or whatever I happen to be doing. This definitely is a good thing. Also you break down these pieces in a lot more detail than (so and so’s) newsletter, which really helps anchor your message better in my mind. I still love (so and so’s) newsletter, but you really hone in on the “how” of writing better copy and I really appreciate that.

In terms of what could be improved??? I struggle with this since you are exceeding my expectations of value already. Whenever this rare event occurs in my life, I tend to cross my fingers and hope it continues. Why criticize? Best regards, David Lowrey – Tampa, Florida”

So now listen up — if what David has to say makes you realize you’ve been completely missing out, then get on board NOW and test-drive my newsletter yourself pp FRE.E, and with NO commitment, right here:

This month’s issue is being mailed out today, and it’s literally packed so thick with information, you’re going to have to squint, just to read it all — and I kid you not.

And now, let me tell you what else is going on. I’ll tell you about my mini-vacation starting tomorrow, but for today, let me tell you about the only good thing Starbucks has ever done for me.

First, you have to understand I hate Starbucks. Not because they are capitalist pigs — I respect them for that — but I hate them because I’m a bit of a coffee connoisseur, and Starbucks coffee simply sucks. Starbucks coffee tastes like good coffee left out in the rain for a month, then you add dirt and boil it up again — and voila, that’s what Starbucks coffee tastes like.

Nevertheless, I DO go there every once-in-a-while, just to sit and get away for an hour or so with my wife. It’s a reasonably nice atmosphere, and I can sit outside and smoke a cigar while we catch up on things with each other.

Last week, I ordered a latte there (it’s about THE only thing I can stomach in the place) and they handed me a paper cup with an absolutely perfect quote written on it. It was called, “The Way I See It.” By Anna Nalick, a songwriter out of California whose song “Breathe” was played on the Grey’s Anatomy television show a while ago. Anyway, Anna said this:

“A valuable lesson I’ve learned from making music is to never let anyone intimidate me. Every student, celebrity, CEO and math teacher in the world has experienced love, loneliness, fear and embarrassment at some point. To understand this is to level an often very lopsided playing field.”

Now why should this be important to you, besides that it’s a true statement?

Any ideas?

Yes? No? Huh?

It’s important because when you want to sell someone something, you should never let anyone intimidate you. ALL your prospects, regardless of what they do and how much cashola they may have, are nothing more than people — just like you. They’ve all been burned before… hurt by lovers and spouses… excited when they ride a rollercoaster… and humbled by the innocence of a small child.

If you can understand this and step up to the plate, then you really do get to level an otherwise somewhat lopsided playing field. And I don’t know about you, but give me a level playing field, and I’ll win every time.

And so this brings me right to the second announcement. If you understand that your ability to sell is ONLY as good as your ability to push your prospect’s emotional buy-buttons — whether your prospect is a student, celebrity, CEO or math teacher — then you want to get your hands on my Seductive Selling System literally right now, because tomorrow’s Seductive Selling Coaching Call is all about helping you communicate more effectively.

Tomorrow’s call shows you “How To Unleash Your Imagination And Get Your Creative Juices
Flowing… So You Can Sell More… And Write More Persuasively!”

If you order the System within the next 24 hours, you’ll be sent the information you need to get on the call and participate and ask questions, and you can do this right here:

Now go sell something, Craig

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