FINAL warning: $500 off sale ends tonight – case study, boosts response 273.4%

There are only a few hours left to take advantage of my 10th Anniversary special and slash $500 off my Lead Generation Explosion System.  And now you can even get this program in 2 EZ installments — but this sale ends, without exception, tonight.  Here’s what one person had to say about this program:

“Hey Craig, Just got the package this morning on your Lead Generation Explosion program and tore right into it. I started reading the material while listening to the audio and have already extracted about 4 ideas I wasn’t doing right that are being implemented immediately.  I have to tell you – the cynic in me always says, ” Well Craig is paid huge amounts of money to write copy so don’t fall for his sales letters on his products.” (Sorry that just the cynic coming out)  But whenever I order something you have created it gives me about a 10 fold return.

I do a lot of marketing campaigns, tele-seminars, webinars, live events , boot camps and an online membership program. I can’t even imagine what the lifetime value of this Lead Generation Explosion program will return for me – but I know it will be almost in the area of buying Dell when it did it’s IPO.  Thanks again for clearing up a lot of gray area for me – and the Income Explosion I should receive in return.” Terry Wygal – Houston, TX

PS – Here’s the update to my original note to you: I have generated 2,130 registrations for tonight’s call. The highest I have ever pulled prior to this was when I had 779 register. That’s 273.4% more registrations – not bad bubba, not bad. I think your lead generation program works.)”

This program includes the COMPLETE marketing campaign I created, that pulled an unheard of 42.7% Lead Generation Response, when mailed out to a cold list, by a newbie.

I walk you through absolutely EVERY aspect of this campaign, step-by-step – including the creation of the marketing pieces themselves (psychological buying triggers, marketing strategies, and copy), and the pre- and post-marketing follow-up pieces that made it such an incredible success: $152,571 worth of merchandise and services were sold on the newbie’s first teleseminar, using this program.  You’ll even see how I advised him to present his material on his call, which is how he generated all these sales.

It is also the only program out there, which teaches you, step-by-step, how to write a long-form sales letter.  I share the exact same strategies I use to write my own sales letters, starting with the headlines and ending with a P.S.  You get a series of Audios where I go through this writing process in plain and simple English.  And you get the transcripts of these audios, as well.

Plus, there is a ton of other information inside, which is all revealed here.

As I said, you only have until tonight to get your hands on my Lead Generation Explosion program for $500 off the regular price of $997.  And on top of this, you also get the following FIVE bonuses:

1.  An actual 28 page FREE Report / Long form sales letter I wrote, that pulled a 6-to-1 ROI in an absolutely dismal marketplace! (I was paid $15,000 to write this letter, several years ago — how many different aspects of marketing and copywriting do you think you’re going to get out of this one letter, alone?)

2.  7 (Yes, Seven!) Audio CDs containing over 6 hours of marketing and copywriting strategies, from interviews I recently gave.  These CDs have NOT been released to anyone else yet. (Value: $47 x 7 = $329)

3.  2 Audio CD’s of a recent monthly “Mavericks Group” call.  The Mavericks Group is one of my two remaining coaching groups, and members pay $299 a month to belong to this group.  You’ll receive one month of this coaching, free, with no commitment to join anything, at all.  It’s yours as part of this one-time only Special 10th Anniversary Offer.

4.  A 90-minute Teleseminar where you can ask me ANY questions about your marketing, or about any lead generation campaign you are working on, or about copywriting, or anything else you want.  This call takes place on Thursday, July 29th, from 12 noon – 1:30 PM Eastern time. (Value: $1,400 based on my daily consulting rate of $7,500!)

5.  The Audio CD-Recordings of this teleseminar, in case you can’t make the call.  This way, you can listen to the information and advice I give you, whenever you need to hear it and whenever you are looking to make more money! (Value: $197)

These 5 bonuses alone, at $2,225 in value, are worth well over the investment in the program itself.  And here’s just one example of the many unsolicited comments people have made about this program:

“I’ve been very satisfied with previous products I’ve bought from you. So I bought Lead Generation Explosion knowing I’d get a good product. I was wrong, I got much more than expected. You give a complete campaign, with examples and multi media templates!  (All with first class copy, of course).

And there was even more.  You gave behind-the-scenes info, & explanations of the reasons why things are set up certain ways in the campaign. The explanations multiply the value of this system.  I’m getting specific info on what to do, and why I’m doing it.  This info is going to boost/improve several of things that I’m attempting in my marketing.

You don’t need to be a professional accountant (I am) to know that ROI is going to be off the chart. GREAT system!” Hervé Bony – North Miami, FL

When you order now, you’ll have enough time to go through all the material, and then ask me any questions you want about how to best apply it, on our call July 29th.

I have literally NEVER given away this much information, at such a great deal.

But what’s happening, is… this is turning out to be one of my best years ever, business-wise, and so I figured since it’s my 10th Anniversary in direct-marketing, why not share this good fortune with you?

Grab this now – I promise you this savings and program will NEVER be offered again.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S.  Here’s another comment about Lead Generation Explosion:

“Not only did you boost the NUMBER of leads I am getting by 50% (which has now been officially confirmed by your piece consistently beating my old control), but based on the tremendous amount of increased actual client activity, the leads themselves appear to be MUCH better as well. My guys are actually complaining to me because they have too much work! I also have 700 FREE Reports sitting here waiting to be mailed out to the new leads you have helped me generate, and I am VERY excited about the results I expect to get. Thanks a lot Craig — you are a lot more than a copywriter. Your ability to create clever selling strategies to attract the right clients and prospects, is second to none. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Mike Miget – St. Louis, Missouri

This 10th Anniversary special and your $500 savings ends tonight.  Order here, now:

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