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Only a day left to take YOUR free 30-day test-drive this month’s Seductive Selling offline newsletter.  Here’s what you’re missing out on in this month’s issue!

*  A little-known way of using authority that allows you to give your marketplace exactly what they want

*  12 pages of marketing examples, including ad re-writes, and direct-marketing and copywriting strategies in the following industries:

– Coaching/consulting… anti-aging… dietary supplements… new inventions… astrology… consumer goods… real estate sales… space advertising in magazines… and a VERY unique classic ad from 1926 selling alternative medical practices.  Great stuff in all these ads you can easily apply to any industry or marketplace you’re working in.

*  Two key strategies to use (bottom of page 1) when you’re creating your sales copy, that makes your job a LOT easier, and your copy MUCH more effective

*  Why ads fail: two live examples of why most ads fail.  One deals with making things too complicated… and the other deals with using the wrong hook to compel your buyers to taking action.  Uncover these issues now, and eliminate loads of response problems you’re currently experiencing

*  How to introduce new products to the marketplace: what to do, and… maybe even more important — what NOT to!  (page 2)

*  Psychic hotline: why Miss Cleo left a legacy

You CAN make a bundle with ‘average’ sales copy – as long as you’re doing these TWO things (on page 3) that differentiate yourself from your competition.  (live example included)

*  An unconventional way of selling real estate that gets attention

*  “It’s what you’re missing that cripples you,” on page 4

*  Great source of swipe file in a modern-day magazine (rare)

*  A flawed advertisement and what you can learn from it (in Example 10 & 11)

How to ‘adapt’ a great ad to your business (page 5)

*  In this month’s Q & A column, we’ll cover part 1 of copy aesthetics.  In this segment:

–  How to lay out space ads, sales letters (both online AND offline) and advertorials

–  Fonts to use online and offline… how to present sub-headlines… fonts for your content versus your headlines (right and wrong examples)… 6 different ways to “emphasize” certain words and phrases without looking ridiculous or like you’re trying to sell something… how to differentiate your P.S. from the rest of your sales copy, to make sure it gets noticed… how to end sales letters – online and offline page issues… and how to use photos.  All this, and more.

*  In this month’s “Weekend Update News” column: spam issues… VERY unique positioning most entrepreneurs are completely overlooking in their marketing, and how to use it… bonus offer ideas… and Cool URL’s

*  And in this month’s Back-End editorial: “You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense”

All this and much much more – PLUS 18 Free Gifts just for taking this test-drive – so do NOT miss this, you’re losing out on loads of ideas you can put to IMMEDIATE use.

Including… 2 back-issues of the newsletter, 2 Audio Success CDs with expert interviews, immediate downloads, a DVD with a step-by step review of a piece I wrote upselling a $47 purchase into a $997 purchase (which converts at 10%), and loads more… not one but TWO free marketing and copywriting critiques…  TWO free back-issues, and more.

This month you’ll also get an Audio CD one-hour interview with one of the sharpest time management experts I know.  He reveals five easy strategies that get your life in order… NOW!

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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