Fight the power: smash the proverbial they.

A few mornings ago I was listening to two guys pissing and moaning while I was working out at the gym. I usually have my headphones on and am pretty oblivious to all this kind of stuff, but these two guys were in classic “preacher” mode and so I turned the volume down on my Sennheisers for just long enough to get a good chuckle in between sets.

These old boys were complaining about some stuff they’d read in the paper, about the steroid usage that’s rampant among athletes, and how all these athletes are getting busted or coming forward to confess.

They kept referring to how “they” never want you to know what’s going on. The “they” in this conversation wasn’t the athletes themselves though, it was “them.”

You know who they are. They are the powers that be. The ones who control the world, communicate with aliens, and sneak food off your table when you’re not looking. They raise your rent, boost your taxes, and rip you off on your auto insurance.

NOW you know who they are, right?

Things getting clearer, huh?

You see, the proverbial “they” represents the powers that be — the man who’s keeping you down and the woman who’s sleeping with him. “They” represents all the areas of your life you have no literal and direct control over — or at least no perceived control over — and if in your sales copy you can restore some of this control back to your prospects, you will empower them and make them feel like a million bucks.

And in making your prospects feel like a cool million… you may just make another mil for yourself.

Who knows? Only if they let you, I guess.

Remember, when you empower others, you always empower yourself as well.

And now I empower you… to go sell something.


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