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Apparently my blog and site were down for a fairly significant part of this past weekend, so I’m extending this until midnight tonight only — no exceptions.  I was far too busy doing this, over the weekend, to notice anything even remotely related to business:

Craig Garber at his lake house

Craig Garber relaxing at his lake house

Anyway, you have until MIDNIGHT tonight to take this Free 30-Day trial and get your hands on the May issue of Seductive Selling and the May Audio Success CD Interview of the month – along with 18 (Real) bonus gifts.  Here’s what you’re missing out on – and if you’re into direct-marketing… this is HUGE:

*  The right way… and the WRONG way… to use “Happy Birthday” promotions, and… how NOT to!  Discover the big mistake people are making with these ‘sales’ using a live example I walk you through.

*  And speaking of Examples, in this month’s issue you’ll get 13 (yes, thirteen) additional marketing examples, in addition to the Seductive Selling newsletter.

*   The story behind my upcoming “retirement” and what I’m going to be doing in the not too distant future.

*  An extremely effective and NEW way of generating leads.  What makes this so effective is that there is literally NO selling involved, and as you’ll see in the article (and the live example), anyone can use this to generate qualified, motivated leads!

*  An example of how to create proprietary processes to describe what you do (on page 2), and how this ties in to your buyers.

*  Need versus Want

*  How to sway literally thousands of people (true story)!  In this series, we’ll take a look at the right way… and the wrong way… to create:

*  Envelopes…

*  Response mechanisms (order forms, for most people)…

*  A sales letter…

*  Bullets…

*  And… copy layout and aesthetics

*  You’ll also get to see me re-write a sales promotion, successfully pushing on the following emotional buy-buttons:  Frustration and Anger, in the headline (Don’t do this at home, kids!)… Nostalgia (in the sub-headline)… Success and rags to riches transformation (in the opening)… Credibility… Regret… and more.

Discover how a simple sales letter does all this… on the first page alone!

*  In this month’s Copywriting Q & A column, we’ll handle questions about “positioning,”… and “avoiding refunds and returns.”  In this column, you’ll discover:

*  9 Characteristics of your most high-risk buyers!  (Avoid these buyers unless you have an iron-cast stomach!)  And…

*  3 Ways to PREVENT these customers from wasting your time and dealing with you!

*  In this month’s Weekend Update News column, you’ll find out about VERY profitable new markets… how to handle stress… The Anti-Bucket List… Top cities most likely to be exposed to a certain kind of online crime… and a slew of Cool URL’s you need to know about.

*  And… in this month’s Back-End Editorial column, we’ll dig into the science behind luck and opportu.nity, and… exactly what happened when someone pulled a gun out of their waistband and placed it up against the side of my head!

Get all this and more when you take your Free 30-day trial of Seductive Selling, along with 18 (Real) bonus gifts – watch the video and you’ll see them all.

This issue will NOT be available after midnight tonight, so act NOW.

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Maximum Money FAQs

Maximum Money QAFs

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