Emotional Direct-Response Marketing: What should you do?

Holy smokes, it’s cold down here!  Temperature dropped like 30 degrees over the last few days – it’s a chilly 43 degrees here right now!

And yes, I realize if you live in a place where there’s REAL cold weather, you’re probably laughing, but… to us Floridians, 43 is nippy, believe me.

OK, let’s talk marketing now.  There are generally only two things you want your prospects to do when you’re communicating with them.  You either want them to respond to by buying something… or you want them to respond and become an active lead.

The problem with this is, unless you’re telling people the specific action you want them to take, you’re NOT going to get the kind of response you want.  This is one of the most common flaws I see when people submit copy critiques to me.

For example, sitting here in front of me is a brochure from a Massage Therapist.  There are, quite literally, tons of details about The Benefits Of Massage… The Benefits of this specific person… Massage Wellness… and how to earn free massages.

But nowhere in this material does it tell you what you should do, if you actually want to get a back massage.  I guess they assume you’ll know what to do, right?


All it would have to do is say something like this:

How To Get Your First Soothing Massage, Right NOW!

To book your next massage, and to receive your free booklet, “27 Ways To Relax: How To Completely Avoid Backpain,” grab your phone right now and call us at 1234567.

Then, simply tell the receptionist, “I am ready to relax” and she’ll book your next massage appointment right away.  If you call before noon, you’ll also be eligible for the same day “save 10%” special – so act now!

This is the kind of calls to action you need, to make sure your buyers respond the way you want them to.

And if you can make your calls to action fun and exciting, your buyers and prospects will be even more pro-active about responding.  Remember, a response is a form of involvement device, and the more energy you’re throwing out there… the more people are going to want.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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