Emotional Direct Response Marketing: the ugly truth about credibility

In business today, it’s very hard to find credible people, products and services.

And the main reason why is because everyone’s incredibly preoccupied with being perfect, in spite of the fact that in reality… nothing’s perfect.

In reality, everything and everyone has flaws.  Even me, if you can believe it.  In fact, Lord only knows that sometimes my house is so dysfunctional with all the kids and pets and dramas we have going on… dome days I feel like I’m trapped in a Jerry Springer re-run.

Anyway, one of the best things you can when you’re selling stuff, is to reveal these flaws.  Let people know what they can – and what they can’t expect to happen when they order.  Tell them who your product or service is for, and who it’s not for.

When you do this, not only are you now letting people know your goods and services really aren’t for everyone… but you’re also someone they are far more likely to trust.

For instance, let’s say you’re selling retirement planning.  It would be wise to include something like this in your marketing:

“Look, what I do is based on time-tested, proven, practical and sound fundamentals, not magic.  So if you’re the kind of person who’s put a lot of discipline and effort into saving over the years, you’re going to get a LOT out of this report.  But if you just started putting away a few bucks here and there sometime in the last month, and you’re expecting me to show you how to retire in the next five years… then this information probably isn’t for you.”

And as you can see, if you’re smart, a lot of what you’re doing when you’re showing your flaws, just helps you qualify your best prospects.

Plus, even though no one talks about this, the ugly truth is, in the back of everyone’s mind… we’re all sort of programmed to be on the alert for people who live in glass houses.

So make sure you don’t come across like this.  Because ultimately your buyers will be disappointed.  And disappointing your buyers is literally the fastest thing you can do to ruin yourself in business.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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