Emotional Direct-Response Marketing: The Thirsty Salesman Story

An optimistic young salesman was found walking around the office one day, with his shoulders slumped and his normal smile missing.

Apparently, he’d just lost an important sale and was feeling disappointed.

Sometime shortly after the young salesman’s disappointment, an older (and much wiser) veteran salesman comes strolling through the office.  The old salesman often mentored the younger man, and sensing something was wrong, he immediately walked over to his young protégé.

In trying to break down and analyze what happened, the young man said, “Well, I guess this just proves you can lead a horse to water… but you simply can not make him drink.”

“Son,” said the old salesman… “Let me give you a piece of advice.  Your job isn’t to make him drink. It’s to make him thirsty.”

And in a nutshell, this is the secret to selling.  Contrary to what most people will tell you, you  cannot create “want.”  People WANT or DON’T want to buy things… already, on their own — with… or without you.

However, once you are able to attract those people who are likely to want what you’re selling — who already have a “taste” for the drink you’re serving… all you need to know is how to make them even thirstier.

And then… they buy… and your job is done.

Have a great weekend.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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