Emotional direct-response marketing: Little white lies – actual story

About six weeks ago, a guy I know called and left a message on my business line.  He said he wanted to get together with me for coffee.

Now I don’t know this guy too well, and so typically, when you get a call like this, it means the guy wants something from you.


Of course.

It’s not that I don’t particularly like this guy, he’s just an acquaintance – a good friend of a good friend of mine, who I’ve met once before.

And, I’m open-minded and I always like to hear what’s going on out there, so the fact that he wanted something from me, didn’t necessarily turn me off, either.

So, this weekend, I called the guy back, and we shot the breeze for a few minutes… and then I asked him what he wanted to talk to me about.

He just said “some business stuff.”

And as you know, when someone’s specifically vague and evasive, it’s usually because they’re hiding something.

But since I was born at night, but not last night… I asked him, “Does this have anything to do with multi level you know what?”

And he said, “Well… there’s a component of that involved, but that’s not what I want to talk to you about.”

Fair enough, I thought.

And since it was a beautiful day out, I told him he could swing by my house and we’d sit out back and look at the lake and enjoy the weather, while he spoke to me about what he wanted to discuss.

And so, let me ask you… What do you think he spends 45 minutes of my time talking about?

Yes, of course.  Multi-level you know what.

Now I have nothing personally against this topic, or against this as a business.

It’s just that for a NUMBER of reasons, this isn’t something I’m interested in right now, and frankly, I probably won’t ever be interested in it.

In the end, because it was such a nice day out, I really didn’t mind spending the time with this guy.  I enjoyed a good cigar and a nice cup of iced coffee, and I got to hear his pitch.

And he’s kind of interesting to watch.  Plus, since it was kind of what I was expecting… I don’t think too poorly of him, either.

BUT… when you’re selling to people you don’t know… don’t EVER do something like this.

See, you can put on an incredibly powerful presentation — in print, in person, whatever… it really doesn’t matter.

But as soon as you get caught in even ONE white lie… the whole kit and kaboodle comes crashing down on you.

When you’re dealing with strangers, getting caught telling one little lie… people instantly interpret this as everything you’re saying is a lie.

So just… don’t… do it.

You’d be surprised how admitting a flaw or weakness in your business or in yourself, empowers you to others, and frees you of an emotional weight you’re probably carrying around with you.

However lying… even a little bit… only makes that weight heavier… and heavier… and heavier.

To the point where you really won’t ever be able to unburden yourself without experiencing lots of pain and agony, first.

Just ask around, people will tell you, I promise.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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