Emotional direct-response marketing: choices, choices… oh so many choices

Last week here in Tampa, the guys in the Mastermind Group I run were in town for our two-day meeting.

One of the items that came up on more than one occasion was how many options to offer your buyers.

This is a critical decision in all industries.  In fact, if you watch Gordon Ramsay on television, one of the first things he usually tells his restaurant clients is how they are offering way too many options on their menus.

Sometimes, in your desire to give choices to your buyers, and make everyone happy, you wind up confusing them or stressing them out.  And when this happens, there is an instant disconnect, and they just move on to the next flashy thing on their agenda.

Remember, making people happy means giving them what they want, not confusing them about what they want.  Which is what happens all too often when people have too many choices put in front of them.

Imagine, for a moment, if you had 12 different iPads to choose from?  Or 10 different iPhones?  Imagine what happens on those reality shows when the guy is supposed to pick a wife out of 25 different contestants?

To a great extent, this ruins your customer’s buying experience and compromises your sale.

I discuss this in very specific detail, including the psychology behind this, in Chapter 12 of my book.  But here’s a quick synopsis of the best way to handle this:

I’ve never offered more than two options to anyone.  I have worked with clients who wanted to offer three or more options (and I refused to take any responsibility for anything more than two options, by the way), but I personally offer two options, and that’s it.

This is what my main mentors have offered, and this is what “feels” most comfortable to me.  And since over 92% of all my buyers take the most expensive items being sold… to me, that’s all the proof I need that I’m making the right decision.

See, once someone has committed to buying your goods or services, you want to make it easy for them to execute their buying decision.  They want your stuff — great.  Then, it’s simply a matter of do they want Option A or Option B — and that’s it.  Nice and easy, no pressure.  And in fact, it makes buying more exciting for them, since they now get to decide how much value they want.

In fact, if you pitch your options right, it’s like going into a magic dating factory and picking out a date: do you want someone hot, or… do you want someone even HOTTER?

And that’s a win-win for everyone, isn’t it?

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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