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This month’s Seductive Selling is an INCREDIBLE issue, but it’s only going to be available for two more days. You can still take a 30-day free test-drive of it, so listen to what you’re missing:

First of all, the Audio Success CD of the month is with one of my Mastermind members, and he gets VERY specific about the impact of Google’s new Panda algorithm on your website. He also reveals how to work within these “new rules of search engine optimization,” and… how NOT to!

Here’s what else you’re missing this month:

* FIVE real-life marketing examples and critiques, including two David Ogilvy ads, and…

– Ads for both high-priced and low-end consumer products that have been around for YEARS!

– A service business ad anyone can mimic. It contains a very effective headline, and I show you how to EASILY come up with a headline like this in YOUR business.

– Two business opportunity lead generation ads: one that ran for 30 years (you’ll see why – it’s NOTHING Like any ads out there today), and one that out-pulled by THREE times, the last 25 ads that had been used before it!

* How to give your ads a DRAMATIC boost in credibility! (page 2)

* How to effectively adapt Claude Hopkins “Schlitz beer secret” to your business! Creating a Unique Selling Proposition is the primary difference between long-term success and sustainability, and… mostly everything else.

* How to leverage your clients frustration if you’re in an industry where much of your resistance is from “do it yourself-ers” This is REALLY important, so don’t gloss over this information (on page 4)

* Headline alert: how to eliminate tire-kickers and looky-loos from responding to your ads. Stop wasting your time with unqualified prospects and start dealing with buyers who are ready, eager and willing to pay you, NOW! (pages 4 & 5)

* On My Nightstand Right Now – two books from COMPLETELY different ends of the spectrum. One, dealing with fitness, the other with humor.

* Fill in the blank: The thing that goes best with alcohol, is… (find out on page 5!)

* In this month’s Q & A:

– How many photos to load up onto a website, and how to display them… fast!

– How to leverage your time and save yourself a TON of headaches and anxiety (on page 7)!

– How to determine when “enough is enough?” Meaning, is there a point in time when you’re giving away so much copy, you remove the “curiosity factor” from the equation?

* In this month’s “Weekend Update News:”

– 3 New words to get used to

– Apple’s new Personal Setup Service and how you can model it to increase sales and profits

– Unusual stock market oddities

– Are coupon websites the new cupcakes?

– Cool URL’s, and… more

* And finally, in this month’s “Back End” column:

– Still Bill (Plus 2), including… Why some people lose motivation, while others never stop!

– A social media twist on the Nigerian e-mail scam

– And… thoughts before bedtime.

All this and more: try it free for 30 days, and get 18 (REAL) bonuses, including CDs, Audio Recordings, DVD, Free Marketing Critiques, and more.

Discover why we’re into out 6th year of publishing, and why Seductive Selling is read in 15 countries world-wide.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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“Craig, I felt like the other newsletters had ripped me off! The insights and techniques you revealed in just the first three pages alone, blew away anything I have EVER seen before. By the time I finished reading the entire issue, there were so many light bulbs going off in my head, it felt like the Fourth of July arrived early! I’m not kidding Craig. I had one of those “Ah Ha” moments that caused me to re-think my business in a whole new way.

I have already started implementing some of the strategies you revealed and feel I have received more than my money’s worth for the entire year’s subscription. Ayway, I just wanted to write and say “Thank You!” Thank you for publishing Seductive Selling. Thank you for not holding back. And thank you for sharing your uncanny business insights and street-proven techniques. I am putting it ALL to good use. Looking forward to the next issue.” Paul Romeo – San Clemente, California

How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers

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