"Economic Stimulus Webinar" Replay – 24 hours only: for RE Investors

I’ve posted the replay of the webinar I did yesterday, called “The 5 Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make, That Are Costing You A Small Fortune!”

On this webinar, I revealed:

* How to seduce your prospects instead of “selling” your prospects!

* Why conventional wisdom is dead-wrong when it comes to advertising, and how it costs you a small fortune, every time you run an ad!

* The “Secret Weapon” to use, to generate pre-qualified leads, that’s been responsible for more mail-order millionaires than any other!

* How to stop being a peddler of products and start offering solutions, instead. Find out how (hint: it’s NOT what you’re thinking).

* The key reason why some prospects always want “the lowest price.” Newsflash: Whether you realize it or not, it’s 100% YOUR fault!

* A valuable selling lesson you can takeaway from… Charles Atlas, of all people. This ONE secret may put more money in your pockets than anything else you ever learn about selling, for the rest of your life!

* How to use emotional marketing, and THE most important emotional buy-button you can push!

Now here’s the deal about this webinar. At the end of the presentation — which has over 75 minutes of content – I am offering a marketing program I put together for real estate investors.

The program gives you the nuts and bolts of marketing, and contains loads of information no one’s provided before. Information that fills in the gaps and accounts for why most people can’t EVER succeed as a real estate investor.

And oddly enough, it has nothing at all to do with real estate, the housing market or anything else like that.

I am also offering a bonus for the first 20 people who order thus program, and we still have 9 slots open. The bonus is a free teleseminar with me on Tuesday March 3rd at 12 noon, where you can personally ask me any questions you want, to improve your marketing.

I want to make this bonus available to you, before my friend Jim Canale opens up this webinar to the rest of his list, which has 25,000 people on it. Jim was hosting the webinar and he originally set it up.

To listen to the replay of the webinar, simply go to http://www.kingofcopy.com/canale/webinar.html

You have 24 hours before Jim puts this out to the rest of his list, and at that time, I assure you there will be ZERO chance you’ll be able to get in on this extra call on March 3rd.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S. Oh, one more thing, and it’s important. Because of the crazy economy that’s going on out there, this program I’ve put together goes for less than $300 bucks. You can search high and low, whereever you want, and you won’t find this much information, in this much detail… for that price — anywhere.

So listen in for yourself and I’ll speak to you on March 3rd at 12 noon Eastern time. The webinar’s right here: http://www.kingofcopy.com/canale/webinar.html


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