e-mail marketing tips – This is THE best way to get your e-mail opened:

Today’s message is going to be short… and sweet.

I want to teach you the best way to get your e-mails opened.

This also happens to be the best way to get your direct mail opened… the best way to get your wife and kids to listen to you… and the best way to get women (and men) interested in you, romantically.

And NO, I’m not talking about: telling them how much money you make… wearing pheromones… or saying that you’re about to jump off a ledge.

It’s much easier than any of these things, and much less stressful, as well.

Are you ready?

You sure?

OK, here goes.

The best way to get your e-mail opened, and the best way to make people listen to you and command their attention… is to make them curious.

See, curiosity is one of those emotions that commands virtually IMMEDIATE attention.

And it also creates a psychological “open loop.”

“Open loops” are those things that create some kind of emotional disturb or disconnect, that stays open until you “close” it.

It’s like when your child is injured or in pain.  Until they are taken care of, it’s an open loop for you, psychologically, and emotionally.

Curiosity is the same thing – and the more intense the curiosity, the deeper and more troubling, the open loop becomes.

For example, instead of, “Make chocolate cookies at home,” a better way to do it would be, “How to create mouth-watering bakery-fresh cookies at home, in less than 15 minutes”

Or even, “Mouth-watering bakery-fresh cookies in15 minutes?”

See, one gives you information, and the other one creates curiosity ABOUT information.

Make sense?


Let’s do one more and then I have to run — lots to do, today:

“5 Home Improvement Mistakes”

This isn’t bad, but what what happens when you increase the curiosity:

“5 Common Home Improvement Mistakes That Turn DEADLY!”

See what happens when you increase the curiosity?

You can almost “feel” the urge to dig into this information.

So keep this in mind next time you’re trying to get attention — you will thank me a thousand times over, if you do.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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