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I’m sure you had this same experience over the last few days, where you got a slew of e-mails offering “Leap Year” sales.

Offers like 29% off… Free Shipping… and just “general” sale pieces.

Couple of comments on these sales:

1. When you’re offering sales… make sure your sale offering is understandable.

“Save 29%” is great if you’re selling large ticket items. Even if people can’t calculate 29% of, say… $997, right away… they know it’s substantial.

But saving 29% off a $27 t-shirt… might not be such a compelling incentive

In a case like this you’re far better off saying, “Take $10 bucks off any t-shirt when you order before midnight tonight,” or something like this.

This is tangible and establishes a value proposition.

Point being… you have to be crystal clear in what you’re offering.

Even if it’s a great offer — if no one understands it — or if there’s too much work involved to understand it… it’s VERY hard to sell it.

Qualifying clients is one thing – you can make people jump through hoops. But you want to make the actual “selling” as EASY as possible.

2. Last year, we ran a sale and it did REALLY well.

I rarely run sales and this was part of it, but… the other reason why the sale did so well, was because I didn’t promote the sale, half-way — I went full on.

In the e-mails I sent out, I didn’t just describe the offer and the sale… I went on to describe each product that was on sale… along with a few bullets prompting curiosity and detailing specific benefits of each product.

THIS is the right way to sell.

What reminded me of this, was… for these leap year sales… I got two types of e-mails.

One, just announcing the sale… and another kind announcing the sale, and then (like we did last year)… describing each of the products

I obviously have NO way of knowing what the results were for each of these vendors, but I’d bet heavily on the people who went out of their way and gave detailed benefits about each of the items they were selling.

Remember, blank space doesn’t sell a thing.

Selling should be an active effort on your part — but a passive activity for your buyer.

Have a great weekend,

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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