Little Mistakes
That Keep Men Poor

Discover how a "nobody" like me got the late Gary Halbert’s attention, and wound up working side-by-side with him for 6 months!  The no-nonsense story of how I went from broke and bankrupt... to becoming one of the highest-paid copywriters and consultants in the country

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Craig Garber
"Craig Garber living out his dream life
on his dock behind his lake house."
Lutz, Florida
Thursday, 9:15 am

Dear Friend,

If you have ever had a burning desire to accomplish something really BIG, or to become someone bigger than you are now, then sit down.  What I'm about to tell you is going to hit you like a cold shower first thing in the morning.

See, chances are good you know me from my exciting new book, called "How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers." This book reveals, in detail, the exact strategies I used to make an ungodly amount of money if a very short period of time. But frankly, life wasn't always like this

In fact, ten years ago, after losing a brutal 9-month legal battle for custody of my two sons, I was financially broke, emotionally broken, hopeless, and down on my luck. I was living in a run-down two-bedroom apartment, sleeping on a sofa bed, and had little, if anything to look forward to when I woke up in the morning.

At that time, I had no selling skills at all (unfortunately, persistence is NOT a skill) and I had no plans for my future. I was in a dead-end job literally going nowhere, driving over 70 miles a day (not including my commute to sales calls) working for some corporate nimrod who's idea of a great day, was having yet another "rah rah sis boom bah" meeting in the conference room.

I Had A TON Of Potential, But I Had No Idea How To Harness It,
And... I Was Literally... Going... Nowhere.

Today however, things are VERY different. I live in a sprawling lake house surrounded by orange, grapefruit and banana trees that produce a fresh new crop of gorgeous fruit every year. I work from my home-office overlooking my beautiful 93-acre lake, and I regularly go bass fishing and take my kids wakeboarding, on my 18-1/2 foot Ranger Reata boat, which rests in a boat-house just across from my Jacuzzi.

I own two investment properties, have a fairly nice-sized asset base, and this year I am on target to earning very close to, if not more than, 7 figures -- and with no stupid boss or useless meetings! I'm VERY happily married, and have full custody of the sons I lost back in 1997, as well as a beautiful little daughter (she's the blonde one sitting on my lap in the picture, which was taken behind our house on my dock).

Craig and Sam
"You CAN create the lifestyle you want!"

Yes, today I am fortunate to be surrounded by not only the sweet smell of citrus trees... but also... the sweet smell of success as well!

Last week I just returned from a European vacation, having spent time in both England and Portugal. And since I consulted with a few clients while I was there, the entire trip actually paid for itself.

Later on this year I'll be vacationing with my family in top-shelf resorts in Las Vegas and Orlando, as well as a cruise in the Western Caribbean, and I usually take my family to New York City once a year, for several days and nights of fun.

I work only when I want to (which frankly, is an awful lot compared to most people), and MOST importantly -- I only work with those people I WANT to work with.

Case in point, a few months ago, I tossed THREE people out of my Mastermind group because they were disruptive and whiny, and... frankly, because I could. The fact that they were each paying me $18,000 dollars a year, never entered my mind -- simply because I've set my business up so it doesn't have to enter my mind.

You see, today I make decisions based on what
I WANT to do, as opposed to what I HAVE to do.

And for a guy like me, who came from nothing (I grew up in an apartment housing project in The Bronx), and who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, this... is HEAVEN!

Today, I publish a rapidly growing marketing newsletter called Seductive Selling® that is read world-wide -- and the buzz on it is that it's now THE most valuable direct-response marketing newsletter around. I consult with clients in a wide variety of industries at a rate of $7,500 dollars a day, I own three publishing companies -- two in niche markets. And I charge a King's Ransom to create and write sales letters that change other entrepreneur's businesses... and their lives! (Right now my fees for this are $60,000 Dollars plus 3% royalties.) And... most importantly...

I deliver... HUGE results!

  • A recent campaign I just finished has increased the amount of leads a client in the mortgage industry is getting, by 50% -- in spite of the fact that this client -- Mike Miget from St. Louis, Missouri -- has been in business for nearly a decade and has worked with a number of well-known copywriters and marketing consultants around! No one has even come CLOSE to delivering results like this, which are continuing even in this crazy economy.

  • Another client, Brian Deacon from Tampa, Florida, just sent me an e-mail message yesterday informing me that the postcard sequence I wrote for him brought in an UNHEARD of 42.7% response on his FIRST mailing -- to a completely cold list! (And in an industry most people would think is completely unresponsive!)The results here were so hard to believe, I had to call Brian on the phone to verify this myself! I don't believe I've ever heard results like this before, have you?

  • A few months ago I developed a marketing strategy and wrote a sales letter for another client of mine (Jim Canale from Warminster, Pennsylvania) in a VERY crowded industry -- real estate. And even though Jim's list had never been asked to attend a seminar, we still sold over $70,000 Dollars worth of seats (with every attendee choosing the highest entry fee point)... in the first seven days alone!

  • Another client from my Coaching group (Norm Blankenship from Meadow Vista, California) took one of my ideas and with a little tweaking of his sales letter, I was able to bring in an 80-to-1 return on his mailing!

Rest assured, I've come a long way since that sad afternoon when I lost that custody fight, thank goodness. And the best news is, I know this is only the tip of the iceberg for what I have left to accomplish.

But getting to where I am wasn't easy -- not by a long-shot.

It took loads of hours of hard -- VERY hard -- work... tons of creativity... and relentless determination to succeed, even after a number of early failures and setbacks.   And I’d be lying if I told you I got to cherry-pick a lot of low-hanging fruit along my journey to success -- because I haven’t.

That’s NOT what I have to offer you today.

But what I do have to offer you, is a bridge. An inspirational bridge called a "leap of faith" that all successful entrepreneurs must make, that lets you go from being ordinary or average, to being extraordinary and incredibly successful.

Here's the thing though -- crossing this bridge gives you the courage to take this leap of faith, and the wisdom to take it sooner than later.  And once you cross it, money and the success rapidly follows.

My Own "Leap Of Faith" Was Of Course... A Salesletter!

In 2003, 3 years after getting involved in direct-response marketing, I took my own biggest leap of faith to date. See, I wanted to work with the late Gary Halbert, and in case you don't know who Gary Halbert was, he is the man who most people consider to be the greatest direct-response copywriter of our modern era.

At that time, I was living just outside of Fort Lauderdale, and I found out through the grapevine that Halbert lived in Miami. As soon as I heard this, a flood of unusual feelings came over me -- you see, I knew, at that instant -- the reason I had been living in South Florida for all those years (a place I'd never particularly warmed up to)... the reason I had to suffer through years of frustration and financial struggle... was because it was my destiny to hook up with Gary Halbert and learn how to become the greatest copywriter in the world.

Sounds strange, and frankly I haven't experienced anything like this before or since, but... at the time I knew this was so "right", it actually felt totally normal to me. And the truth is, when you get a message as strong as this one -- you've simply GOT to act on it.

So in order to take that leap of faith and pursue my dreams, I sat down one evening, and began writing a letter to Gary Halbert, which basically turned into a complete sales package. This package included a 40-page sales letter, a display ad, and several other important item. And...

No matter how much money I will ever get paid to write a sales
letter -- this letter was, BY FAR, the most important, most
memorable, and most successful letter I'll ever write!

Because after getting my package (which I had to mail out three times to get his attention), Halbert took me under his wing and I worked with him for six months as his apprentice. During that time I learned more about selling and about writing copy, than all the previous 13 years of selling experience I had, combined.

And although early results had proven I was a good copywriter, and even though I "sensed" there was something special about the talent I had,

I Had NO Idea... Just How Good... I Really Was!

Because on August 7, 2003, after the second sales letter I wrote for Halbert, Gary sent me this e-mail one night (please don't read this if you are offended by profanity): "I think you have more natural talent for writing direct response copy than anyone else I,ve ever met. I,ve never said this to anyone else. You are GREAT and 100% ready. Actually, I think you might be better than me. You are a fucking genius at this. Gary  We need to talk. Email me your number again and best time to call."

He then proceeded to promote me at his seminars, get me involved in his network, and basically launched my career as a marketer and top-notch copywriter.

"Your success is certainly no accident..."

"Hey Craig, I ordered "How To Make Your Dreams Come True" for one reason only... I wanted to see what you wrote to get Halbert's attention.

I wasn't disappointed :) Very inspiring story. Very good letter. A hell of a lot of effort. Your success is certainly no accident, and you've inspired my career (which I'm doing very well with right now) in many different ways.

Here's to a great 2011 to you and yours! Thanks."  Scott Murdaugh - Springfield, Missouri


"Now for the first time, you can harness Craig's powers to reach greater heights in your business as never before!"

"Craig, feel free to use the headline I just wrote, because it's true!  I don't know how you do it, but... what I DO know is that you're AWESOME! I recently ordered your Seductive Selling System, Lead Generation Explosion, and How To Make Your Dreams Come True, and every night since receiving your products I've sat down with a pad, a pen, and a highlighter, going through the CD's, DVD's, and work-books, taking detailed notes, and now my head is spinning like a top!  How is is possible that you knew the exact mental road block I was facing?  As a new entrepreneur, it's very easy to get distracted and lose perspective of the big picture.  We all want to make a Million dollars right away because the slick sales copy we read "pulls" you in and tells you how easy it is, but the fact is... you have to give before you can receive. 

Again, I want to thank you for everything you've done for me and I look forward to growing my business with you as a mentor.    I must also tell you I have listened to your "Excuse Busters CD" from How To Make Your Dreams Come True, at LEAST 7 times -- you have cut YEARS off my learning curve as a new entrepreneur.Bill Parlaman - Chester Springs, PA


"If you want to get over the noise in your head that tells you why you can't do something, then get your hands on this audio right now"

"First I want to thank Craig for creating 'Excuse Busters.' If you want to get over the noise in your head that tells you why you can't do something, then get your hands on this audio right now. A lot of the common excuses that Craig mentions, thankfully, I've been able to get over... however, one that really hit home was how Craig explained that 'suffering and success are mutually exclusive, unless you choose to tie them together.'

Like I'm sure many reading this, I grew up in a home based in scarcity. 'Money doesn't grow on trees', and all that. And with most of the motivational messages out there having to do with striving instead of arriving, I grew to simply believe that to be successful, it had to come very hard. When in actuality, I've realized that really it's about doing the right things, over and over.

Excuse Busters really hammered this point home. Most of that resistance we feel in trying to accomplish something is the mental resistance we put in our own way!

If you've ever wondered why those around you are doing big things and you're not, or you've had a constant nagging that you just haven't fulfilled your true potential... then I highly recommend getting Excuse Busters. Most likely you're in your own way!"

Chad Hamzeh - Calgary, Alberta, Canada


" does not just hand you lucky breaks... but you can go out and self engineer your own "lucky break."

"Many times people go through life waiting around for their big break. That's the key phrase in that sentence ... "waiting."  Well, most don't realize that you can self-engineer your "big break."   I had known about your story of how got a chance to work with Gary Halbert and myself just figured that you just had a bit of good luck and fortune to have that opportunity with Gary.

Well, you have opened by eyes to the reality that life does not just hand you lucky breaks... but you can go out and self engineer your own "lucky break."   I have to confess that I read your program with some skeptism... after all I have a huge library of a ton of "feel good" courses and books.   But what I found was a 100% implementable strategy that anyone can use to make their own dreams come true. Thanks again for your great insight!."  Cris Chico - Hollywood, Florida

That leap of faith I took, truly landed me in a great place. My life has never been the same, and frankly, I believe destiny was calling me when that happened. And so, my question to you is... why on earth are you procrastinating on this?

Is it fear of success? Fear of failure?  Or are you just scared of change?

How To Overcome The 23 Most Crippling Thoughts That Cross Your Mind:

Perhaps you find yourself coming up with a host of excuses for your lack of progress.  Negative "mental chatter," like (mark off which of these you find yourself saying):

  • "Timing's not right now."

  • "I've got so much other stuff going on."

  • "Circumstances just aren't right yet."

  • "I'm not ______ enough yet." Or... "I'm not as _____ as (someone else.)." (Fill in the blank: rich, smart, experienced, deserving, seasoned, wise, knowledgeable, licensed, recognized, whatever.)

  • "I haven't paid my dues yet."

  • "Too busy to devote myself to this."

  • "I'm too busy earning a living."

  • "I'm waiting for the economy to turn around."

  • "I'm waiting for my industry to recover."

  • "I need to get more information first."

  • "It's not perfect yet."

  • "I'm waiting for that product to come out."

  • "My husband says this will never work."

  • "What will my family think?"

  • "It's just not in the cards for me to be making that kind of money."

  • "That's W-A-A-Y out of my comfort zone."

  • "It'll never work as well as ____ ."

  • "It will take too long."

  • "I just don't have the energy to do that anymore."

  • "I don't deserve to succeed."

  • "I'm afraid I'll fail."

  • "What's the big deal if I never get around to this?"

  • "I'll do it after I get over this one big obstacle I'm dealing with now."

If any of these excuses has ever crossed your mind, then listen up: You'd better start re-thinking things, because the "permission" fairy isn't coming over any time soon to give you permission to succeed. Instead, let ME be the first one to give you permission to succeed, and to become financially successful beyond even your wildest imagination, as I have become. See,

All You REALLY Need... Is Your OWN Permission!

And if for whatever reason, you've ever struggled with this... or if you've made excuses when you shouldn't have, then my new "How To Make Your Dreams Come True!" program, will inspire you to break out of your funk, and take your own "leap of faith", the same way I did.

This program contains not only VERY personal details about myself I have never revealed before, but it also contains a copy of the actual original 40-page sales letter, order form, display ad, grabbers, testimonials, and personal information I sent Gary Halbert back in 2003, which literally changed my destiny.

In fact, the information inside this letter is SO personal, one of the reasons I have been reluctant to release it is because some of the experiences I discuss in it, are pretty intimate, and frankly -- not so glamorous, personal details I have buried and put out of my mind. Kind of like the monster you don't want to let out of his cage, if you know what I mean.

I have also included an Audio CD commentary on this entire experience, and candid criticism and comments on the actual sales letter I wrote, from a marketing and copywriting standpoint.

"...with passion and drive you can really accomplish anything you set your mind to!"

"Thanks Craig. I sat down and read How To Make Your Dreams Come True in just one sitting…it consumed me. Awesome stuff. I’ve learned that mindset is huge to accomplishing anything you want in life. If you’re head isn’t right, you’re in for a much longer trip! But with passion and drive you can really accomplish anything you set your mind to! From a marketing perspective it opened my eyes about creating product. You can literally create a product from your experiences and people will pay for it. Not only that, but after reading HTMYDCT I got an idea for a course that will end up making me $20,000 in the next two months."  Dustin Mathews - Tampa, Florida

As a special bonus, I am also including another Audio CD called
"Excuse Busters!" This gives you a hard-nosed look at the reality of each
of the excuses I just mentioned a few minutes ago, and sure-fire ways of
getting over EACH of them, rapidly.

This program gives you an absolutely CRITICAL message about what happens when you step up to the plate and throw caution and excuses to the wind, and for once in your life... you just reach for the brass ring... and really "go for it."

I will tell you this -- if you are finally ready to earn more money... or make contact with an estranged family member... or run a marathon... or achieve something that for whatever reason you've either been afraid of doing... or because you've been hit with one setback after another -- you've simply lost your passion or your mojo over... and if you are prepared to abandon any preconceived ideas about success, accomplishment, and limits, that you have incorrectly held for years... then this program is for you.

And if you are simply a student of good direct-response marketing and you want to read a VERY effective sales letter that's pulled an INFINITE return, as far as I'm concerned... then "How To Make Your Dreams Come True!" will fill your mind with the creativity and inspiration you need, to give you that final "push" you're seeking.

Here's How To Order

I am making this program available to you for literally next to nothing -- $149  now only $97 bucks, plus $9.95 postage and handling ($19.95 outside of America).

The truth is, you couldn't pay me enough money to write a 40-page sales letter today, so when I tell you this is a bargain, it's a bargain.

Here's What's Inside This Program:

  1. An unusual message, explaining the real gift I am giving you...

  2. I will show you the EXACT grabbers I used to get Gary's attention...

  3. A copy of the EXACT 40-page sales letter I sent to Gary...

  4. The order form I sent along with the letter (You've NEVER seen ordering options like this before!)...

  5. A display ad I wrote to promote myself...

  6. A copy of the testimonials I used...

  7. 17 pages of correspondence between me and Gary's assistants, trying to get Gary's attention and leading up to my first in-person meeting with him, along with a copy of the actual e-mails Gary sent me himself.

  8. A 79-minute Audio CD giving you the entire "story behind the story", including what made me think of sending out a sales letter... the color of the various papers I used... and a BRUTALLY candid critique of my own sales copy. On this CD you'll also discover:

    • The ONLY difference between you and me! Believe me, it's much simpler than you think! (at 0:42)
    • Not one way -- but SEVERAL ways of turning lemons into lemonade! How to find the bright ray of sunshine in your life, even in the middle of a dark stormy night!
    • The cornerstone concept to writing EXTREMELY compelling sales copy that applies universally! THIS is what separates the true superstars from the rank amateurs -- and yet... NO ONE talks about this! Instead, they talk about "technical" things like headlines... layouts... and order forms -- wrong, wrong, wrong!
    • An astoundingly simple system to use, so you can understand the REAL intentions of anyone you're dealing with!  Finally, you can understand what people REALLY mean when they are talking to you.
    • The cornerstone concept to my success -- one you can start using IMMEDIATELY in your own life! (at 28:30)

  9. A BONUS 1-Hour Audio CD called "Excuse Busters" which gives you a hard-nosed look at the reality of all the excuses people use to justify why they procrastinate, and sure-fire ways of getting over EACH of them, rapidly.  (This CD forces you to ask yourself the cold hard questions you need answers to, in order to make your own HUGE leaps of faith -- AND experience HUGE leaps forward in your business -- and therefore in your life!)

I have absolutely NO idea what all this is worth, but I DO know it's worth a HELL of a lot more than the $97 dollars investment you're going to have to make to get it!   And it also PALES in comparison to what's going to happen to your life after going through the information in this program, if you get to experience even one-tenth the good fortune I've experienced!   And on top of that, here's my personal promise to you:

Here's Your ZERO-RISK 6-month Now 1-YEAR Guarantee:

You CAN Make ANYTHING Happen!

Order this program now. 

If after going through "How To Make Your Dreams Come True!" you don't feel TRULY energized, inspired, and invigorated... if you don't feel the URGE to go out and make yourself a bunch of money... and if you don't feel a new energy flowing through your arteries, and your heart filled with fresh optimism and hop... then simply box it back up and send it back to my office, and we'll refund your investment in the program, no questions asked. 

Take up to one year to do this -- the lessons you learn, however, are on me, either way.  Your package will be rushed out to you via first class mail, immediately.

Thanks for reading this message, and from the bottom of my heart, I hope all your own dreams... come true!

Craig Garber
The "King Of Copy"

P.S. "How To Make Your Dreams Come True!" isn't some kind of new age mumbo-jumbo that talks about "wishing"... "hoping"... or "visualizing" your way to success. Let's face it, if those things worked, no one would ever want for anything.

The program is a hard-nosed look at the tools I used to come from nothing -- and I DO mean nothing (my own abusive father was a toll collector, for goodness' sake) -- to rise to a position of success and FREEDOM, in spite of facing one setback after another. If THIS doesn't motivate you to get up off your ass and get fired up about WHATEVER it is you need to do to move your own life forward... if this doesn't inspire you and make you feel better about yourself and the world around you overall, return it for a full refund, any time within ONE YEAR from the time you order it, no questions asked.

Lance Armstrong once said, "Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever." Which one will you choose?


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