Does your copy pass this simple English test?

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been buried in critiques people have sent in. People send in critiques so I can point out the flaws (if you want a free marketing critique you get two of ’em when you take the free 30-day test-drive of Seductive Selling at ). And while most of the flaws are related to selling strategies more than anything else, there’s a very easy test you can use, to catch 99% of all your actual copywriting problems.

The test is simple, and it doesn’t matter what media you’re writing for — space ads, online, or direct mail — you can use this same test for all of ’em.

The simple test to see whether or not what you’ve written make sense, is to read your copy out loud. And I don’t mean read it out loud in your head, I mean actually sit there and read your copy out loud through your mouth, the same way you speak to people out loud through your mouth.

See, if what you’re saying can’t be spoken and phrased well in plain old English, then it’s not a well-written piece, simple as that.

However, if you can say it, then the likelihood is… it’ll read well.

You also get to identify little troublesome things this way. For instance, say you’re reading something out loud and it turns out the sentence is so long you’re running out of breath just to get it out.

Well, that means you need to split that line into two or more smaller sentences so they’re easy to say.

Because remember, easy to say means easy to understand.

And easy to understand means… you can take it… to… the bank.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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