Do YOU have an SP department you don't know about?

Often times we have a cancer growing inside our own business, we don’t even know about.

Sometimes, this takes the form of a disgruntled or ignorant employee who feels stuck and resentful in their position. Instead of adding to the wealth, they want to take away from it, simply because “you’re rich already,” and they’re not.

Ha ha, right?

Other times it’s bred out of sheer ignorance.

Here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

The other day my wife had to schedule an appointment with a new doctor. She wanted to get some more information about the doctor and about the practice (basic stuff like where it’s located, what they do, and things like that), so she called up to ask them their website address.

The call went something like this:

Anne: Hi, I was wondering what your website is.

SP (Sales Prevention): You want WHAT?

Anne: I was calling to find out the website of this medical practice.

SP: Who is this?

Anne: My name is Anne Garber.

SP: WHO is this?

Anne: My name is Anne Garber.

SP: And what do you want?

Anne: I’m trying to find out information about this medical practice and I was hoping to be able to look this up online.

SP: Why do you want this information?

Anne: Because I’m a new patient.

SP: Oh… wait a minute…

(Muffled voices…)

… OK, it’s www dot…

Now I’d bet a thousand dollars the physicians or whoever runs this practice isn’t aware of this, and I’d also bet the SP who answered the phone isn’t doing this on purpose. In all probability, she sincerely believes she’s “protecting” the business.

But obviously she’s not.

And see, my wife has the patience of a saint (she has to, to be married to me for nearly 15 years). But I have the patience of a gnat, and I wouldn’t have lasted beyond that second “WHO is this?”

I’d have been gone like the wind and off to find another shaman.

Anyway, the bottom line is, the same way you check the telephone number and voice mail recordings you might leave in a mailer or a display advertisement when you’re trying to generate leads — you want to check ALL the various tentacles of your intake process, in general.

ESPECIALLY the ones where people are involved.

Cause you might find a medical condition… that not even a doctor… can repair.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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