Dirty job? Don’t laugh… it works in Texas.

A long time ago when I was in elementary school, I had a weird experience that I still remember to this day. I’d been out sick from school one day, and the following day when I returned, when I walked into the room, many of the students were running around in a panic, while others were frantically looking down at their desks.

The ones who were looking down at their desks, weren’t just “looking down” at the surface of their desks, they had their head completely down in a very unnatural position.

The thing is, there were also a few students doing nothing, but they didn’t find anyone else’s behavior abnormal, which I found odd.

But see, what I missed the day before, is that there’d been an outbreak of head lice, and the teachers had gone over this with the students.

Not having been there, and not knowing what was going on, when I asked what was happening and a few of the students told me “lice” — it didn’t mean a thing.

Well, even though some things have changed dramatically during the last 35 years, one thing hasn’t, and that is, in fact, an outbreak of lice.

But in Houston, Texas, for parents who’s children get lice, there’s now a service that comes in and eliminates the problem, when you don’t want to deal with it. It’s called The Texas Lice Squad, and apparently because lice is often embarrassing (Why, I have no idea — it’s not like lice discriminates or anything like that.), these guys perform confidential in-home lice treatments for the whole family and they guarantee their results.

The company was started by a mother of two who also happens to be a registered nurse, and for only $65 dollars (for treatment of a family of four) you can get rid of the lice and prevent it from coming back. They will also treat your home itself, for another $60 bucks.

Between you, me and the wall… I think they’re charging W-A-A-Y too little. After all, if you want this kind of service, you’d probably pay at least five times this amount, to get it taken care of, no?

Plus, who’s their competition? And who’s offering a guarantee like this?

The thing you need to ask yourself here, is what other kinds of services (focus on wealthy families) would people be willing to pay for, for outsourcing?

You need to think a little bit, and go beyond the normal “landscaping and yard work” kinds of stuff, and past the “car washing… boat detailing… and pressure cleaning,” too.

I’m talking about more intimate, but pain-in-the-ass chores people get stuck with.

For instance, cleaning the kitty litter box… running to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions… picking up poo out back (there’s already a franchise that does this, very successfully)… making dinner (that’s a BIG one, and you can dice this eleven ways to Sunday – by meal, by type of food, by culture)… picking the kids up at school… taking kids to their sports practices… tutoring (or selling them information that will help the kids in school — in-person or as a “virtual” tutor)… nails… hair… waxings… whatever.

This list can get pretty long if you keep thinking about it.

The point is, it’s rare that someone comes up with something as unique as “lice removal”, but if you give it enough thought, there’s a service out there that some man or woman wants you to do for them, but only… if… you can sell it… properly.

Now go sell something, Craig

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