Direct Response Marketing: Why people buy and how to sell it to them

No matter what you do for a living, keep in mind… nothing gets bought unless it gets sold first.

And as you probably know, much of selling simply involves giving people a reason or some kind of “excuse,” to buy.

Sure, sometimes the offer in and of itself, is enough of a reason.  But other times — especially when you’re selling luxury or vanity items.. or really, just un-necessary toys… the offer isn’t enough.

In cases like this, you customer needs to “feel” like buying is just the “right thing to do.”

It’s “almost” like you’re giving them permission to buy, but really… you’re giving them permission to give themselves permission.

Confusing, I know.

Here, let me show you a good example of this.

First, understand that sometimes… giving your customer a reason to buy, is easy.

And in fact, we just got past one of THE easiest reasons  to buy, people will ever have: the Christmas holidays.

Other easy reasons why people buy are, “it’s on sale”… “we’re liquidating our stock and won’t get these in any more”… and, “there’s no place else you can get these.”

Very easy to justify buying in these situations, isn’t it?

One really cool reason I saw, AFTER the holidays, was in a e-mail Apple sent out.

The e-mail said, “Now it’s time to treat yourself.  You forgot one person on the nice list: You.

Treat yourself to an iPad… blah blah blah”

That was a very cool, low-pressure and easy to swallow, reason for customers to buy.

And of course, these are actually the reasons that will work the best: the ones that are low-pressure and easy to approve.

For example, “Now that you’re getting divorced, isn’t it time you took care of YOU first,” is a great reason to sell stuff.

And, virtually anyone can do this (if you have a fit with your product or service), by buying a mailing list of recently divorced people (or compiling it through public court records)… and sending out direct mail.

On the other hand, “Hey, you just cheated on your spouse – isn’t it time you took care of yourself,” probably would NOT work so well.

This is NOT a low-pressure, easy to approve reason to do much of anything, when it comes down to it.


Of course.

So when you’re thinking about selling, make sure you consider “low-pressure” reasons that make perfect sense to your buyers.

Help them help themselves… and everyone winds up feeling good.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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