Direct Response Copywriting: Why customers go astray… (nothing you've ever heard before, for sure)

Ever put together such an incredible offer… and yet, it doesn’t sell very well?

You might have really sat down and scratched your head over this, and combined every single bonus product and item you can find, to enhance what you’re offering.  You lay it all out in a sales letter or even on a video message, describing in detail, the benefits of each one of these items.

You even make sure you give out the value of these items individually, so that you can show how much your entire package is worth, if your customer or client had to buy these goods or services separately, versus the incredible deal you’re about to give them.

And still… the promotion falls flat.

Here’s one reason why – and it’s not something I’ve ever seen anyone speak about.  Yet, it’s something I’ve been using in my promotions since “day 1” and it’s worked very effectively.

Here’s the deal: before you close your letter, you want to summarize the offer you’re making in a clear and concise chart, or list of bullets.  I like using charts because they are easy to follow, regardless of what you’re selling.  And because you can put your products on one side, and your descriptions or product values right next to them.  But… there’s really no right or wrong way of doing this.

What’s important is that you’re laying your cards all out on the table, right there in front of your buyer, so they can make their own value judgment on what you’re offering.

Remember, just because you know how everything goes together, doesn’t mean your prospect does.  Which is why you need to tie it all together on your own.

How do I know this works?

The answer is simple: customers and clients have told me on more than one occasion, over the years, they made their buying decision after seeing the summary of everything they are getting, stacked side by side.

Look, seeing everything neatly piled up in front of you, is like going to the grocery store and unloading all the items inside your shopping cart, out onto the conveyor belt in front of the cashier.  It lets you see, touch, and feel what you want, and… what you don’t want, and… it’s exactly what you need to do when you’re selling in print.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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